Best Smart Speakers For Indian Users In 2020

Dhir Acharya - Feb 19, 2020

Best Smart Speakers For Indian Users In 2020

As there are more smart speakers on the market, it's hard to choose one for yourself. But here are the best smart speakers this year, check em out.

The smart speaker market has been more vibrant than ever, including several players trying to stand out with their own products. Each one has its own strong and weak points, but it appears that Google, Amazon, and Apple have become the leaders of this field. So how do you figure out which smart speaker is the best for you, based on sound quality, hardware size, and the choice of voice assistant? This article suggests the best smart speakers out there in 2020. Check it out, we hope you will find a good fit.

Amazon Echo Dot (third-gen)

Best Smart Speakers

It’s really hard to say which smart speaker is the best these days with Amazon and Google offering affordable products with a lot of capabilities. The third-gen Echo Dot is a perfect choice for new users of smart speakers. One advantage is that Amazon Alexa comes with more capabilities than Apple’s Siri and Google Assistant.

This smart speaker also offers better sounds than previous versions and is priced at only Rs 3,579. Besides, there’s a Rs 4,295 version that has a LED clock for alarms, temperature, and timers. The Alexa assistant on the Echo Dot shares the same functions with that on higher-end Echo speakers.

Sonos One

Best Smart Speakers

Priced at Rs 14,315, this one lets you pair two units for multiroom audio or playing stereo sound. Its sound is awesome and the speaker plays various music genres while its price is much lower than premium speakers like the Apple HomePod and the Google Home Max.

Even better, the Sonos One comes with Google Assistant and Alexa built-in so you can easily select which one to use voice commands while setting up. Sonos also has AirPlay 2, allowing you to control the smart speaker using your iPhone or any device that has Siri.

All in all, the Sonos One offers great sound quality, a reasonable price, and can fit into any home center around Google Assistant, Alexa, or Siri.

Google Nest Mini

Best Smart Speakers

Amazon used to dominate the smart speaker market, but since its entry, Google has caught up so well with its voice assistant. Now, it’s pretty hard to choose between the Google Nest Mini and the Amazon Echo Dot because they are neck and neck with each other.

Today, Google Assistant has nearly as many capabilities as Amazon Alexa, making the Nest Mini a great alternative for the Echo Dot for those who are looking for the best overall smart speaker. In addition, the Assistant is even a bit smart then Alexa with more flexible responses to voice commands when you don’t call the smart device names in your home correctly. Then there’s Google’s called routines, grouped commands, which work with more smart devices than those of Amazon. The Assistant can also recognize several voices, allowing you and your spouse to each ask about your own schedules.

To sum up, Google Assistant is slightly more intelligent and the Nest Mini is a great, budget device at Rs 3,579.

Amazon Echo Plus (second generation)

Best Smart Speakers

While Google Assistant is a little smarter, Amazon Alexa is better in working with a wider range of smart home devices and has an easier voice command setup. So, ultimately, the Echo Plus is the best smart speaker for home controls.

Alexa voice assistant can alert you if the speaker hears a smoke detector blaring or glass breaking. The Echo Plus is a perfect combination of the Alexa intelligence and a piece of hardware that offers good sounds and a smart-home hub built-in, which allows you to sync your sensors with it rather than buying more devices.

Apple HomePod

Best Smart Speakers

This one offers the best sound overall because it adapts sounds to the room you are in and plays all types of music beautifully. Its sound is even better than that of the Sonos One. Siri lets you control the smart home device with your voice, you can also ask for help or answer coming calls on your iPhone.

But the HomePod is more limited than the other speakers. Voice commands only allow you to play music on Apple Music streaming service while others let you stream music from popular services like Spotify. And the speaker only works with HomeKit-enabled devices. So this product seems the best for those filling their homes with Apple products.

JBL Link 20

Best Smart Speakers

There are so many smart speakers on the market but few of them are portable. The good news is the JBL Link 20 is not just a good-quality smart speaker but it’s also battery-powered. Its battery life is decent, its sound quality is solid, it’s built-in with Google Assistant.

One of the best features of this product is being waterproof, which means you can take it outside for playing music by connecting the speaker to your Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth on your phone. This product is priced at Rs 14,315.

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