This App Helps You Fix Electronics In Seconds, You Just Need To Scan

Dhir Acharya - Feb 26, 2020

This App Helps You Fix Electronics In Seconds, You Just Need To Scan

Open the app on your phone, scan a product label and Zolve will give you the necessary information to help you fix the device quickly.

Most of us don’t pay much attention to the manual of a new device we buy, just take a glance at it then we throw it away and quickly play with the new appliance. Then that device doesn’t work or it’s broken, we search all the house and the manual is nowhere to be found. However, a new app was born for such a situation, helping you with product maintenance by calling up product guides within moments.

Zolve app
Zolve app

Created by startup Centriq, Zolve is a free app that lets you capture an image of the product label on over 450,000 appliances, devices, power tools, electronics, and outdoor equipment. The app will immediately show you manuals, how-to videos, quick-start guides, warranty, as well as manufacturer contact info, and info about replacement parts and accessories.

As touted by Centriq CEO, instead of searching for hours on Google and YouTube for how to fix the problem of your device, Zolve will provide you with crucial information on the product in a matter of seconds. And the app will give relevant info on the exact product you need, which is much better than searching on Google.

Zolve app
It takes just a few seconds to get information

A Centriq survey done by 1,000 homeowners revealed that almost 70 percent of them try to troubleshoot or fix their home products on their own. Over 50 percent of respondents said that they need information given by manufacturers when they want to solve a problem so that they don’t have to search it themselves.

Apart from Zolve, there are several other apps that also scan a product barcode or take a photo to get further info about it. for example, Smartify allows you to scan a picture of artwork to see the artist, the title, and other info. iNaturalist and PlantSnap can identify plants from a single photo. Meanwhile, Google Translate can translate sentences from a language to another in real-time using just your camera and microphone. The Amazon app lets you scan a product at a store to compare its price to that on Amazon.

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