With Jacquard Smart Jacket, Android Users Will Never Leave Their Phones Behind

Jyotis - Dec 12, 2018

With Jacquard Smart Jacket, Android Users Will Never Leave Their Phones Behind

With these prominent advantages, the Jacquard smart jacket must absolutely deserve such a high amount.

Google has recently been in collaboration with renown jeans manufacturer Levi’s to design a kind of modern jacket named Jacquard smart jacket. What secrets are hidden inside this wearable technology?

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As we can see, the tech giant is looking for new development strategies through hi-tech products which enable us to apply in our daily life. This time, it is a Jacquard smart jacket for those who can’t often remember where they put their phones.

Running on the Android platform, the new feature called Always Together operates as a linkage between the Jacquard and an Android smartphone. That can be easily realized through its own name. The primary function of Always Together is to automatically activate to warn users when they put their smartphone and jacket too far away from each other.

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More precisely, if you leave your phone (or jacket) behind, the phone will send a notification with a ping, while the sleeve tag on the smart jacket will create vibration with blinks. The sleeve tag is also designed to sport electronics and chips with the same size of a jacket button.

That is not all! Always Together has much more functions than you can think. In addition to remind users to remember their smartphones, the feature allows them to manipulate things based on touch inputs on their Android smartphones or navigate on Google Maps. Controlling music is also supported.

As a unique smart jacket, the Jacquard is reportedly sold for $350 (equivalent to Rs 25,400). The amount is allegedly too much to own a jacket. However, with the prominent advantages as mentioned above, it must absolutely deserve such a high amount. Where can you find any multifunctional clothing with the same features as the Jacquard? It’s not only a jacket but also a remote control for all playlists on your smatphone.


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