Use This 1996 Cell Phone For A Year And Win Rs 72 Lakh, Will You Take The Challenge?

Dhir Acharya - Dec 15, 2018

Use This 1996 Cell Phone For A Year And Win Rs 72 Lakh, Will You Take The Challenge?

A Coca-Cola company will offer a Rs 72 lakh prize to anyone who can live a smartphone-free life for a full year.

It appears that today, we can’t live without a smartphone, the sound of notifications, surfing the social media posts, and chatting away with friends.

Probably, you will not exchange your phone for better sleep or more peaceful days, but how about a prize? In particular, will a Rs 72 lakh change your mind?

1990s old cellular phone

A Coca-Cola firm, Vitaminwater, will offer a prize worth of US $100,000 that is equal to Rs 71.75 lakh to anyone managing to make it through an entire year without their smartphone.

If the company chooses you, it will then provide you with a cell phone made in 1996, so you can make calls, send text messages, or hit some scores with the game Snake. Plus, the company will pay your phone bill while you take the challenge.

And to take the challenge, you have to promise not to use any other phones, turn your phone off permanently, and make sure you are mentally ready for the smartphone-free one year ahead. According to the firm, if your phone can access the Internet, it’s considered a smartphone. Moreover, you are not allowed to use tablets either.

slide to power off your smartphone

All the terms are included in one contract which you have to sign.

As reported by Fox News, Vitaminwater hasn’t revealed a certain way to verify whether or not you follow the rules. However, you will certainly have to take a test with a lie detector when the challenge ends.

If things go well, and you complete the challenge without violating any rules, you will get the prize Vitaminwater promised.


Perhaps this is how the Coca-Cola company shows us that we can do good without relying so much on a smartphone. There is a syndrome called Nomophobia, with which people suffer from fear of living without a smartphone.

For many people, this is perhaps an unthinkable challenge provided that 85 percent of adults read news and stories from their smartphones.

What about you?


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