Top Companies Have Found A New Way To Advertise On WhatsApp

Chitanis - Jul 26, 2019

Top Companies Have Found A New Way To Advertise On WhatsApp

A new method to advertise on WhatsApp has been discovered by top companies by using branded and localized stickers and GIFs.

Top firms such as Zomato, Reebok, Tide, McDonald’s or even Tinder have all recently found a new way to advertise their companies as well as their well-known products on WhatsApp by using GIFs and quirky and fun stickers.

By making their branded stickers and GIFs available, these companies want to make their presence known. People can gain access to these GIFs as well as adding them easily into their day to day messages.

Top firms have found a new way to advertise on WhatsApp.

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At present in India, WhatsApp has around 350 to 400 million users with, interestingly, no ads. This is due to its ban on promotional content, resulting in brand messages’ mass distribution restriction. Ankit Prasad is the founder of a keyboard startup that specializes in making characterized GIFs and stickers for brands. The company has claimed to currently have 5 million users daily, all on active mode.

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Up until now, GIFs and stickers are almost always seen with themes relating to international events. Apart from several other available applications on app stores, Indian keyboard startup such as Xploree, GifsKey, and Bobble AI have thrived to be the main sources for personalizing GIFs and stickers in order to meet local demands.

Xploree, GifsKey, and Bobble AI have become the main sources to localize stickers and GIFs for the Indian market.

Last year, Tenor, a website for searching and storing a huge GIF database, was acquired by Google. Also being a GIF search engine giant, Giphy is posing as one of its main competitors.

In China, using stickers and GIFs in everyday conversations has been extremely popular on apps such as WeChat. In India, brands are still currently taking steps in following the trend to include localized stickers and GIFs in messages, but it has not been proven to be effective. Firms are utilizing their experimental budgets in order to launch these campaigns.


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