This Country Might Be The Next One To Ban PUBG

Harin - Apr 18, 2019

This Country Might Be The Next One To Ban PUBG

Popular battle royale online game PUBG is again facing flak as after Nepal, Iraq is on its way to banning the game due to its negative effects.

PUBG, the popular online game, is about to face another ban as following Nepal, Iraq is the next country to issue a ban on the game. Recently, taking into consideration the concern of parents and authorities, Nepal has banned the game completely.

Reports suggest that the cultural parliamentary committee has submitted a draft law stating that PUBG is having bad effects on the minds of youngsters and thus it should be banned. During a press conference organized in Baghdad, the committee led by Sameaa Gullab, said:


In 2018, Iraq media reported some divorce or suicide cases caused by the game. After the letters sent by parents and schools, the game has now officially been banned by the Government of Nepal. Dhiraj Singh, the police’s senior superintendent, received thirty-four letters in total. Eight are sent by schools and twenty-five are from parents, urging the government to ban the game because of its addictive and violent nature. However, it was not until a Public Interest Litigation was officially filed by the Nepal Metropolitan Crime Division, was the ban imposed.

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Ever since the company launched the mobile version of the game, PUBG Mobile has taken the world by storm, especial in Asia. For the past few months, the game has received criticism from school authorities and parents across the country. According to them, students’ studies are affected heavily by PUBG Mobile due to it being a major distraction. In India, after the local authorities implemented a ban on PUBG Mobile, 10 college students in Rajkot, Gujarat, were taken into custody for playing the game in public places.

From its side, the developers of the game defended its product, saying:




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