10 People Arrested For Playing PUBG By Rajkot Police

Anita - Mar 16, 2019

10 People Arrested For Playing PUBG By Rajkot Police

The Rajkot Police has caught at least 10 people when they were playing PUBG under the temporary ban on PUBG imposed a week ago.

A week ago, the Rajkot police started to ban PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), a popular multiplayer battle royale game that many people have been currently interested in.  They even warned people to catch those detected to play this game. And the police were not joking about this.

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According to an announcement from Manoj Agrawal police commissioner’s office, the police have arrested 10 people comprising of 6 students for playing PUBG in the city.

However, these people did not even play this game in traffic, just on their smartphones, which did not bother anyone else. It is known that the police also temporarily seized their smartphones “for the purpose of the investigation.”

The Rajkot Police states that they banned the game because it causes addiction in many people, which is harmful to the youth. The game is, according to Rohit Raval, a Rajkot Special Operations Group police inspector:


However, the level to which the game could harm those youngsters was not clarified.

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The game ban currently takes effect from 9 March to 30 April. Everyone can report those found playing this game and these players are probably subjected to be prosecuted under Section 188 in the Indian Penal Code. Commissioner Agrawal firmly says that because it is a bailable offense, the arrests are still harmless.

For further information, the PUGB ban was imposed on 6 March as per the state government’s directions, along with MOMO challenge since they result in violent behaviors among young people. Said Agrawal:




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