ExtraTorrent Bollywood Movies: 10 Best Films To Watch In 2020

Dhir Acharya - Apr 12, 2020

ExtraTorrent Bollywood Movies: 10 Best Films To Watch In 2020

ExtraTorrent Bollywood Movies, a tool to download free movies online. These are 10 best Bollywood movies of 2020 to watch right now.

The year 2020 has gone for three months now and there have been several Bollywood movies released. However, it often takes a while for movies to go from the cinema to online sites officially and many people just cannot wait that long while not willing to spend money on tickets either. Therefore, we have ExtraTorrent, and in this article, we will list out the most popular Extratorrents Bollywood movies.

Extratorrents Bollywood movies
Extratorrents Bollywood movies

Extratorrents Bollywood movies: What is ExtraTorrent?

We all have heard of the term ExtraTorrent at least once, that’s how popular it is. If you have ever tried to download a movie that wasn’t released online yet, you will surely be familiar with the term.

Founded 14 years ago, ExtraTorrent was an online index of digital content of entertainment software and media. The founder behind ExtraTorrent was an administrator acting under the name “SaM.” The website became so popular and was known worldwide by those interesting in hacking content and tech geeks.

Extratorrents Bollywood movies
ExtraTorrent Website

However, on May 17, 2017, the site suddenly ceased its operation voluntarily. The administrator replaced the whole site with a message saying that the site and all mirror domains would shut down for good. All data relating to the site and its content were also deleted. Just two days before that, the site suddenly went down for an emergency maintenance situation.

At the time, the primary domain of ExtraTorrent was the 291st most viewed site in the world.

After the permanent shutdown of the website, there have since been many alternatives, such as TamilRockers.

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ExtraTorrents Bollywood movies: Most popular movies on ExtraTorrent

Now, in this article, we will list out 10 most popular ExtraTorrents Bollywood movies. These are all the new movies released this year.

1. Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

ExtraTorrents Bollywood movies
Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior

The first candidate on the list of extratorrents movies is Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior, a Hindi-language movie released in January this year. The 135-minute movie is about military chieftain Tanhaji Malusare in the army of the Maratha king Shivaji. He leads the charge to capture Kondhana, a strategically important fort that’s guarded by Udaybhan Rathod’s army.

2. Chhapaak

ExtraTorrents Bollywood movies

This biography, drama movie, which is 120 minutes long, talks about the trials as well as triumphs of Malti, who survived an acid attack. The movie highlights the unquashable spirit of the human through a chain of events from the investigation into the attack to court proceedings, from her medical treatment to her emotional healing. You can try downloading this ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies via unblock extratorrents cc.

3. Jawaani Jaaneman

ExtraTorrents Bollywood movies
Jawaani Jaaneman

The main character of this movie is Jaswinder “Jazz” Singh, a 40-year-old man living in London, who works as a property broker during the day and a party person, a womanizer at night. One day, when he was at the bar as usual, he ran into a 21-year-old girl who was looking for her long-lost dad. It turned out that Jazz is not only her dad but was also becoming a grandfather as the girl was pregnant.

4. Malang – Unleash the Madness

extratorrents bollywood movies
Malang - Unleash The Madness

The next movie on the list of best ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies is a Hindi-language action thriller movie that was released in February this year. The movie is about Advait and Sara, who met each other in Goa. They fell for each other and had a happy time until something turned their life upside down.

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5. Panga

ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies

Panga is a sports drama product released earlier this year on the list of Extratorrents unblock 2020 movies. The movie tells an emotional story of a middle-class woman in India. With the ambition to give a new meaning to her role as a mother and wife, she decided to take another shot with sports although there are challenges regarding age stereotypes as well as competition with new generations. She had to struggle to survive the pressures of fulfilling her role in the family while pursuing her love for sports.

6. Hacked (II)

ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies
Hacked (II)

The sixth movie we want to mention on the list of best ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies is Hacked (II), a psychological thriller movie that was released in February. The movie is about Sam and a bunch of troubles she had with Vivek, a neighbor who had a huge crush on her, after sleeping with him as she was drunk.

Vivek seemed obsessed with Sam, so much that when she had a problem with her boss, he hacked her company’s system as a punishment on the boss for shouting at Sam. After Sam rejected Vivek’s love, he got crazy and tried to make her life miserable by hacking and controlling her house.

7. Street Dancer 3D

ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies
Street Dancer 3D

This is a Hindi-language musical dance drama movie released in late January this year. The movie is about Sahej, a street dance with a good heart. After his brother, Inder, could no longer dance due to a leg injury, not only did Sahej reformed the group but he also had his girlfriend help the team practice. Sahej even fed the homeless. The movie highlights the passion for street dancing and helping people. You can download this movie using the proxy of extratorrents.

8. Jai Mummy Di

ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies
Jai Mummy Di

This movie is about a couple and their mothers. They are in love but their mothers hate each other. However, the lovers fight to be able to stay together, how will they do it?

9. Shikara

ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies

This Hindi-language romantic drama movie was released on February 7, 2020. Before coming to the end of the list of ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies, let’s see what this movie is about.

It tells a story based on the Hindu Kashmiris people’s love story with the background of the Exodus of Kashmiri Hindus from Kashmir. It highlights the resilience against insurmountable odds and a love story that cannot be destroyed despite 30 years of exile.

10. Love Aaj Kal

ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies
Love Aaj Kal

And the last movie on the list of ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies is Love Aaj Kal, a Hindi-language romantic film released on Valentine’s Day this year. It’s about two different individuals who are in love with each other and go through ups and downs together.

So, in summary, here are the 10 best ExtraTorrent Bollywood movies. As we said at the beginning of this article, as the ExtraTorrent original site is dead, you can now find these movies on current alternatives. Good luck and enjoy!

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