Malang Full Movie Download Flimywap: Free Movie And Song Links For Indians

Dhir Acharya - Apr 14, 2020

Malang Full Movie Download Flimywap: Free Movie And Song Links For Indians

Malang Full Movie Download Flimywap: Here are free download links for the movie and soundtrack of Malang - Unleash The Madness. Get free links here.

It’s now April of 2020 and as usual, we have seen a bunch of Bollywood movies come out over the past three months. In the MobyGeek article today, we want to talk about a movie that was released in February this year, Malang – Unleash The Madness. You must have heard of this movie, which was also mentioned in our previous article about ExtraTorrent Bollywood Movies. Today, we will discuss Malang full movie download flimywap.

Malang full movie download flimywap
Malang full movie download flimywap

Malang full movie download flimywap: Introduction

Malang – Unleash The Madness is an action thriller movie in the Hindi language. The director of this film is Mohit Suri, the producers includeJay Shewakramani, Krishan Kumar, Bhushan Kumar, Ankur Garg, and Luv Ranjan.

In addition, the movie features Disha Patani, Aditya Roy Kapur, Anil Kapoor, Kunal Khemu, and Shaas Randhawa as a guest star. Yash Raj Films distributed the movie.

Announced in March last year, the movie was completed in October last year then released on February 7, 2020.

Malang full movie download flimywap
Malang full movie download flimywap

Regarding box office figures, on its opening day, the film earned Rs 6.71 crore net. The film earned Rs 8.89 crore net on the second day, then Rs 9.76 crore net on the third day, making the total earning over the opening weekend to Rs 25.36 crore.

As of March 19, 2020, Malang got a total of Rs 70,23 crore at the domestic box office, along with Rs 14.27 crore overseas.

Malang full movie download flimywap: Plot

The movie begins with a scene in which Advait Thakur (played by Aditya Roy Kapur) is fighting with prisoners when he snatches a bracelet, which seems very important to him. The scene then shifts to a man who uses drugs in a toilet then murders the bar owner. He is Inspector Anjaney Agash, played by Anil Kapoor. Suddenly, Ajaney gets a call from Advait, informed of an upcoming murder.

Malang full movie download flimywap
Malang full movie download flimywap

In a Christmas party, a cop named Michael Rodrigues discovered that Terasa, his wife, is cheating on him. He leaves the party, the police call him informing about a new murder, which he then learns that his good friend and coworker Victor Himanshu Tandon is the victim. He investigates the murder himself, during which he meets with Inspector Agashe. While Micheal wants to catch the murder and put him in prison, Agashe wants to kill the murderer.

Then in a flashback from 5 years ago, Advait Thakur and Sara Nambiar met each other at a party then decided to run away as the party got chaotic and the police showed up. They had an intimate moment with each other then decided to start a journey to be far from families and friends to live a free life. The meet Jessie, who became a drug addict and earned money by working as a prostitute to buy more drugs.

Sara and Advait fall in love, then one day, Sara learns that she is pregnant with Advait’s child.

Malang full movie download flimywap
Malang full movie download flimywap

Now, at another rave party, a girl called Vani is talking on the phone then she hangs up. The party is crashed by Agashe after he got a tip about drug dealers. There is crossfire and Vani got shot. It turns out that Vani is Inspector Agashe’s daughter, and he is heartbroken to find his daughter shot. While the event turns the inspector into a cop without mercy for criminals, Sara is also at the party, witnesses everything and decides to tell Advait about the pregnancy, saying that she won’t abort the child. The next day, Advait leaves Sara in the morning and continues his journey.

The flashback ends with Jessie helping Advait while he kills Nitin Salgaonkar, another cop, and Deven Shivaji Jadhav. When the police are going to the stadium where Deven’s killed, Micheal sees Jessie then follows her. When Jessies notices that she’s being followed, she tries to burn all the evidence. Michael finds out that he’s also on Advait’s Hit-List. At the same time, Advait turns himself to Agashe.

Malang full movie download flimywap
Malang full movie download flimywap

Then Michael talks with Advait in the interrogation room. In turns out that Michael’s mother used to hit him while his father hit his mother. This makes him feel uneasy sexually and he feels uncomfortable when Teresa, who he’s about to marry, touches him. His friends then tell him that not having sexual experiences makes him less than a man, which frustrates him. He decides to go to Jessie’s because she was a prostitute, but has no idea Sara is living here.

Michael tries to rape Sara when Advai returns as he realizes his mistake and his love for Sara. He beats Michael then calls the police. Victor, Deven, and Nitin, friends to Michael, come to take Advait and Sara to the police station to investigate the incident. After waking up, Michael wants to frame the couple for drug peddling.

Malang full movie download flimywap
Malang full movie download flimywap

But he then gives Sara a lethal dose of a heavy drug, which kills her, and he throws her off the bridge. Meanwhile, Advait is injected with the drug too and gets sentenced for 5 years. Shocked by the death of his love, he prepares for revenge.

Back to the present, Michael confesses what he’s done to Advait and that he killed Jessie, saying that he felt more like a man by murdering her. He also makes Agashe help him meet Advait to fight with him.

But something Michael says before he leaves makes Agashe realize that he’s the last target. Agashe brings Advait to the same old bridge to kill Advait. Advait tells Agashe that Michael and his friends kill his only family.

Meanwhile, Michael goes home to find Teresa about to leave him to be with Charlie, her secret affair. Michael got mad and plans to kill Teresa then frame Charlie for the murder. When he’s about the strangle his wife, someone suddenly injects something to him from behind. That was Sara, who survive the murder thanks to Jessie, but she lost her baby.

Malang full movie download filmywap
Malang full movie download filmywap

It turns out that over the past 5 years, Sara and Advait both have been preparing their own plans for revenge. They committed the murders to seek revenge for their unborn baby. But there isn’t any evidence proving Advait’s guilt so Agashe has to release him. The movie ends with Sara living happily with Advait.

Malang full movie download filmywap: IMDb points

On IMDb, a renowned website for movie rating, Malang – Unleash The Madness has got 6.7 points, rated by 2,186 users.

Overall, the movie is praised for a good storyline, great action. Some dialogues are even impressive and the love story of Advait and Sara just touches many hearts. However, it’s not a really excellent movie enough to be higher rated. But it’s easy to understand because someone must have gone through something extreme to have complete empathy with the characters and their stories.

Nevertheless, all in all, the movie is really worth a try. So if you intend to watch it, don’t hesitate.

Malang full movie download

As Malang has been out for about two months now, it’s not really hard to find an alternative to the Malang movie download utorrent site to get the film. You can try Malang full movie download Tamilrockers.

If you go on Filmywap, it’s easy to see that the site allows users to choose from a list of qualities, including Malang full movie download 480 and Malang full movie download 720p, you can also opt for 1080p that gives a better image than the other two.

Now, you can get Malang movie download link

Malang movie songs download - H2

Malang full movie download flimywap
Malang full movie download flimywap

The soundtrack list of Malang – Unleash The Madness includes six songs in total:

  • "Ho Ja Mast Malang Tu" by Adnan Dhool and Hadiya Hashmi
  • "Hui Malang" by Asees Kaur
  • "Phir Na Milen Kabhi" by Ankit Tiwari
  • "Humraah" by Sachet Tandon
  • "Malang - Title Track" by Ved Sharma
  • "Chal Ghar Chalen" by Arijit Singh

You can search on Google for these amazing songs, but the easiest way is to find them on YouTube, where you will get a high-quality image and can recall the movie scenes while listening to the songs.

So, this is all we have covered about the movie Malang – Unleash the Madness. I would love to make a detailed review of this film, but that would need a separate full article and we think there are enough parts included here for you to start to enjoy the movie already, especially Malang full movie download flimywap.

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