This Is The Gaming Bed Every Gamer Wishes They Had

Dhir Acharya - Mar 04, 2020

This Is The Gaming Bed Every Gamer Wishes They Had

Nothing in the world can help gamers play non-stop, we all need rests. However, this gaming bed desk will help you continue to play even when you lie down.

No one can sit through gameplays for days without resting, not even the strongest gamer, not even the most persistent gamer, not even the craziest gamer. And gamers can’t sit for long hours if they don’t use help from caffeine. Eventually, no matter how we enjoy games, we will all have to lie down and take some rest. However, we can lie down without having to stop gaming, thanks to a new Gaming Bed from Bauhutte, a gaming bed desk to be exact.

Bauhutte gaming bed desk
This Is The Gaming Bed That Every Gamer Wishes They Had

This creation is made straight out of predictions of humans’ future while showing how mankind will be more and more like people featuring in the Wall-E movie. Bauhutte is a company specialized in custom-furniture for gamers, such as desks that gamers can adjust endlessly to suit their preferences or rolling shelves for keeping controllers, soft drinks, snacks, and more, within a gamer’s reach.

Bauhutte gaming bed desk
You can accessorize the entire system based on your preferences

But this gaming bed seems to be the ultimate solution for gaming needs. Priced at Rs 21,991, the Buahutte bed desk is a bed frame that incorporates an elevated desk at its foot. This gaming bed desk allows gamers to continue their sessions even if they are too tired to sit upright. In addition, gamers can extensively accessorize the bed desk using the firm’s product catalog so that they will have a customized system of their own.

Bauhutte gaming bed desk
No need to stop gaming

And after adding accessories, the gaming bed desk is still not too expensive. With the desk, the headboard, the bed frame, the rolling shelve, as well as an adjustable keyboard tray, a custom beanbag pillow and a gaming blanket, the entire system will cost just over Rs 73,300.

Of course, you must have had your own gaming PC, monitors, food that you can eat in the bed. With this gaming bed desk, even the coronavirus outbreak and quarantine won’t bore you.

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