Gamers, This Is The Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk For You

Dhir Acharya - Jan 19, 2021

Gamers, This Is The Best L-Shaped Gaming Desk For You

If you are looking for a good, affordable L shaped gaming desk to place your monitors and gaming equipment, this list will help you.

An L shaped gaming desk offers a lot of advantages for gamers such as space for two monitors. Besides, it can easily fit in a corner and provides more space for the gamer and easier swiveling. These are some of the superior advantages coming with an L shaped gaming computer desk, all of which result in a better gaming experience and increase comfort for gamers. So, what are the best L-shaped gaming desks to get?

Ivinta L-Shaped Corner Desk Computer Gaming Desk

L shaped gaming desk
L shaped gaming desk

This gaming desk features a wood-like look and allows for two monitors. More importantly, it is moisture-proof, water-resistant, and anti-corrosive thanks to the extremely thick particleboard and steel legs. The desk also has adjustable legs in case your floor is uneven or you want a higher desk.

One of the best things about this L shaped gaming desk is its dismountable monitor stand riser to provide extra storage and rise one monitor to the eye level. Furthermore, the desk is affordable, making it a good option for those with a limited budget. With a weight capacity of 220 pounds, this desk is durable, capable of holding not just two monitors but also game consoles, drinks, among other additional items.

If you care a lot about styling, this desk can fit into almost all decors thanks to its eye-catching wood-look top as well as black heavy-duty legs and frame. No matter if it’s for work or gaming, this desk can give you what you need, it deserves to be the best gaming desk.

Mr. IRONSTONE L-Shaped Desk

L shaped gaming desk
L shaped gaming desk

For those who want a good gaming L shaped desk, you must look at this one. The desk is priced reasonably and provides enough space for holding up to three monitors, something a hard-core gamer would love. In addition to the black color, you can also opt for a marble top with gold legs or a wood finish.

The desk also features a monitor stand that allows you to view the display comfortably at eye level. The stand is removable so you can take it off the desk whenever you want to. Another advantage of this desk is its open frame that gives you a lot of room for your legs, computer, and storage for other items.

This L shaped gaming desk stands out for its durable construction, featuring a P2 MDF board along with a metal frame. It offers a decent weight capacity and adjustable feet so you can use the desk on uneven floors or change its height. Not just that, you can feel comfortable using this desk as it provides extra durability and stability through its X-shaped support.

To avoid damages, the make has made the surface anti-slip, waterproof, anti-scratch, and textured, which also help enhance your gaming experience.

WeeHom Reversible L Shaped Desk with Shelves

L shaped gaming desk
L shaped gaming desk

The next best L shaped desk for gaming we want to introduce to you in this post is this one as it comes with a bunch of advantages. First of all, there are two shelves under the top to provide extra storage for your stuff. Secondly, the desk is reversible, meaning you can put its leg anywhere you like. Best of all, it has an affordable price tag, helping you over-pay for a gaming desk, especially when considering how beautiful it looks.

Besides, this L shaped gaming desk comes with a small stand where you can place your computer tower to keep it off the floor, making it easier to pull the CPU out and push it back in. There are multiple color options for you to choose from, including black oak, dark teak, and oak color to suit different decoration styles. The desk is rounded so it looks better than other desks if not placed against the wall.

Another great feature of this desk is its adjustable pads that help you set it up on an uneven floor. There is a compatible hole at the round corner so that you can keep the monitor cord neat and out of sight. Under the top is an open frame that provides a lot of space for your stuff and your legs, you can rest your feet on the back bars for comfort.

Last but not least, the desk supports up to 450 pounds, meaning it’s incredibly strong and reliable for holding all types of gaming equipment you have. The desk weighs 66 pounds, quite heavy but that means it will stay firm at one place as you play, avoiding a plausible interruption during your gameplay.

The downside is, however, that it doesn’t come with a monitor stand or keyboard tray.

Bush Furniture Somerset L-Shaped Desk

L shaped gaming desk
L shaped gaming desk

The last L shaped gaming desk we would like to include in this list is a product from Bush Furniture. This gaming desk doubles as a work desk, featuring drawers on one side for your stuff while the other open side is for your CPU. Instead of a monitor stand, this desk has a raise-up top that can be locked at three different positions so you can have your monitor at the right eye level you want.

There are two finish options for you, namely ash gray and wood, depending on whether you want a modern look or a more traditional look. There are also cord management grommets to keep the cords out of sight.

The desk has a weight capacity of 200 pounds and enough space for two monitors. However, you won’t get much legroom or adjustable legs for uneven floors.

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