iPhone 6S 64GB Price In India And iPhone 6S Plus: Everything's The Same Except For The Size

Dhir Acharya - Jan 06, 2020

iPhone 6S 64GB Price In India And iPhone 6S Plus: Everything's The Same Except For The Size

Launched in September 2015, the iPhone 6S 64GB price in India has almost the same specifications and performance as the iPhone 6S Plus.

Apple released the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus in September 2015 as upgrade models of the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. While the S models shared the same look with their predecessors, they carried a lot of upgrades under the hood. However, one question many people might ask is how is the iPhone 6S different from the iPhone 6S Plus? In this article, we will put them in comparison and provide additional information on prices in case you’re interested in buying one of them, specifically iPhone 6S 64GB price in India versus iPhone 6S Plus 64GB price in India. Note that most of the comparisons in this article are about on-paper specifications.

Apple iPhone 6S 64GB price in India

iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Design vs. iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S weighs 192 g with a thickness of 7.1 mm. The phone has an aluminum back and comes in four colors including Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, and Space Grey. With the exact same back and color variants, the 6S Plus is a bit thicker at 7.3 mm.

The two smartphones look identical with just one big difference, which is also the major difference between standard iPhones and their S version. While the iPhone 6s+ 64gb price in India screen measures 4.7 inches, that of the 6S Plus is 5.5 inches large.

iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Amazon

iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Screen vs. iPhone 6S Plus

As we said above, the iPhone 6S 64GB price in India sports a 4.7-inch screen, along with a resolution of 1334 x 750, a pixel density of 326 ppi and offers 3D Touch. On the other hand, the iPhone 6S Plus screen measures 5.5 inches, featuring a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a pixel density of 401 ppi and offers 3D Touch as well.

The screen size brings about a major difference in experience when using phones. A larger display is better for video watching, game playing, as well as web browsing. However, it’s also harder to fit a large phone in your pocket.

Apart from the size, there’s not much as the difference between these two iPhones, they both offer great sharpness, contrast, and colors.

iPhone 6s 64gb price in India

iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Performance vs. iPhone 6S Plus

Both the iPhone 6S Plus price in India 64GB and the iPhone 6S pack Apple’s A9 processor (64 bit, dual cores), 2GB of RAM, and PowerVR GT7600 GPU. They have almost the same performance due to the same specifications in this part.

The A9 chip provides a 70% boost compared with the A8 processor, and the PowerVR GT7600 GPU offers a 90% boost in graphics. Multitasking is also better than the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus because the apps and web pages are kept in stasis for a longer time.


iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Camera vs. iPhone 6S Plus

Apple India gave these two phones the same camera specs too. They both have a 12MP primary lens on the rear along with dual LED ‘True Tone’ flash, offering phase detection, 4K video recording, and a 1.2MP selfie camera.

This means the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus offer the same quality images, and better than their predecessors with more detail and less color leak between pixels for cleaner photos. Video recording is also good in both these phones.

However, the only difference that the iPhone 6S Plus comes with optical image stabilization (OIS) while the 6S doesn’t.


iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Battery vs. iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6S packs a 1,715mAh battery while the iPhone 6S Plus packs a larger one at 2,750 mAh. Translated into battery life, the 6S can get you through an entire day if you’re a moderate user while the 6S Plus can survive up to two days.


iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Storage vs. iPhone 6S Plus

Both the 6S and 6S Plus offer three non-expendable storage options, 16GB, 64GB, and 128GB. Many people are interested in the iPhone 6S price in India 64GB, which is understandable because 16GB seems too small for storage while 128GB may be too much. 64GB is a reasonable level, it’s in the middle and the price is in the middle too.

iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Price vs. iPhone 6S Plus

In this article, we will only compare the prices of these phones regarding the 64GB variant. The price of the iPhone 6S Plus 64GB on Amazon is Rs 44,490, on Flipkart is Rs 59,999, and on CliQTata is Rs 75,000.

Meanwhile, iPhone 6S 64GB price in India on Amazon is Rs 28,999, while iPhone 6S 64GB price in India Flipkart is Rs 29,990, and on CLiQ Tata is Rs 53,990.

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