This Minimalism Phone Will Keep You Away From Boring Mainstream

Anil - Sep 30, 2019

This Minimalism Phone Will Keep You Away From Boring Mainstream

If you are a minimalist, this phone will obviously be appealing to you.

While mobile phone manufacturing companies are still producing so many smartphones for consumers every day, a Polish company goes against this trend, with a mission to entice users back to real life. Mudita’s Pure is a rare one amongst such products. It is designed with only some mainstream functions for those who are looking for minimalism and efficiency on a phone. 

Mudita Pure Minimalist Phone

Pure is designed with a Candybar shape, which reminds us of a typical classic phone with a phone keyboard. Its function is quite similar to previous phones. The manufacturer uses a 2.84-inch e-ink screen, which can be adjusted to reduce eye constrain and support easier and natural reading. The minimalism of the color is also a special feature of this phone. 

Though the phone allows dual nano SIMs as well as global network access, Pure does not support Internet connection. However, you can use it as an external GSM modem to access the Internet via the laptop's plug-in port. The phone manufacturer, Mudita also commits to reducing the SAR level of the phone to the lowest, which limits the exposure to harmful radiation.

With the custom-build MuditaOS feature, the phone follows the optimization strategy of energy efficiency through a minimalistic user interface. There is a physical switch on the phone where you can change between different connection modes as you prefer, such as “completely offline” or “connected”. Further, there is a useful Meditation timer, in which statistics can be accessed and viewed via a desktop app

Pure Lifestyle 1024x768

It is expected that Mudita will release the phone in April 2020. Pure is now available on Kickstarter so you can own this phone for $258 (~Rs 18,300) with the Early Bird promotion plan. The phone has a 16GB onboard memory and is equipped with a Harman-tuned speaker so that you can enjoy music playback.

Smartphones have become an indispensable item in everyone's life. Even if you want to avoid a bunch of notifications brought from your smartphone, in fact, you still need to maintain some connections with them. The potential consequence, hence, is the excessive dependence on smartphones, which can seriously affect our physical as well as mental health. Therefore, products like Pure can provide a great life balance for those who do not want so much dependence.



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