Realme 2 Pro Reviews: The Smartphone You Should Try At Least Once

Jyotis - May 17, 2019

Realme 2 Pro Reviews: The Smartphone You Should Try At Least Once

The Realme 2 Pro is an outstanding option for those who are looking for a mid-range handset. Accordingly, if you are planning a smartphone from Rs 10,999 or higher, it may be for you

Designed with a 660 AIE Snapdragon processor and sold for about Rs 11,099, the Realme 2 Pro actually deserves your interest compared to other smartphones under the same price range. However, the chipset is not the most important factor to evaluate a smartphone, especially among a countless number of smartphones at present.

Following the Realme 2 Pro reviews as below to know more what inside the smartphone.


Realme 2 pro design

In terms of design, the Realme 2 Pro has got a high appreciation from both reviewers and users. Unlike the diamond-like back cover of the F9 smartphone, the Realme 2 back cover is wrapped in a transparent layer, bringing the refresh experience and creating an efficiency like a coated mirror when users tilting the device. More especially, the Realme 2 Pro cover with the blue color really makes a big difference over other rivals.

In addition, it has a “dewdrop notch” like a water droplet, similar to the Vivo V11 Pro and the Oppo F9 Pro from BBK Electronics. Many users reveal that they feel more comfortable with this notch than usual notches.

The notch design for products in this price range is obviously a highlight. More importantly, it helps the 6.3-inch device to fit in users’ hands.


However, compared to some rivals, Realmi 2 Pro still has a few weak points in terms of design. Its front glass is arranged slightly higher than the chassis. It is a common characteristic of almost all of the Oppo smartphones. Next, the glass-like surface is another issue.

In fact, it is not really an issue because its material is made of plastic but still brings a sense of luxury. Also, users don’t need to worry about breaking the phone’s surface. The biggest issue of Real me 2Pro hails from the micro USB charging port which is difficult to charge as well as affects the data transfer speed significantly.

Realme 2 pro display

The device has a 6.3-inch Full HD+ display with a resolution of 1080x2340 Pixels. Brightness and viewing angle of the screen is rather ideal. Considering the price, the Realme 2 Pro’s screen should be highly appreciated.

Also, in recent times, most of the smartphones in the market are designed with a FullHD display. In other words, a display is not really an extremely important factor to consider on a smartphone.

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Realme 2 pro performance review

The Qualcomm Snapdragon 660 is no longer an outstanding chipset in mid-range smartphones like before. However, most of the devices at the same price segment feature the Snapdragon 636. And so, the Realme 2 Pro is obviously a winner over its rivals in terms of performance.

The minus point hails from its vibration when touching. You should turn off the feature in the sound settings to bring a smoother experience while you are manipulating on the device. The reason behind it is because the Realme 2 Pro seems slightly stalled if the above feature turns on.


In addition, the gaming experience is rather good without any lag but for some players, the graphics are not really satisfactory. At least, the Snapdragon 660 is much better than the Helio or Kirin chipset at the same segment.


In terms of the Realme 2 Pro camera review, many users say that its camera may be something but not an advantage. That’s exactly true! In spite of its 16MP sensor, the camera can’t capture really sharp images, especially when you zoom in them. However, saturation and contrast are two of its most outstanding factors. Besides, it can show up fresh and vivid colors, making the overall photo relatively good.

More importantly, the HDR mode works efficiently when considering the price of this device. The Realme 2 Pro camera can detect context to tackle the image but lacks an icon to turn off or on. It also doesn’t support the customization of the background blur. Instead, its secondary camera deserves a plus point that helps users measure the depth of field (DoF).


It will be a big omission in the Real me 2 Pro review if we don’t mention the 4K video recording feature. This smartphone doesn’t just offer the 4K video recording but also includes the digital anti-vibration support. However, the quality of the video reaches relatively good. In addition, it can just record the sound with good quality, which is directly transmitted to its speakers.

Realme 2 pro battery review

The battery life of the Realme 2 Pro is lower than that of Realme 2, but it’s enough for a mid-range smartphone. With the normal working frequency, this handset can work well for a basic working day.

If you need to handle multi-tasks with high frequencies, for most smartphones, you will have to charge at least one time to ensure your device can work for all day. It’s a pity that the Realme product lacks a quick charging feature.

Other features

In addition to the features in the above Realme 2 Pro reviews, this smartphone has many other interesting features. Now, we will take a quick look at the following content in the Realme 2 Pro reviews. The facial detecting feature of the Realme 2 Pro is known for its quick performance, efficiency, and convenience. You just need to pick up the phone, the display will automatically turn the light on and detect your face and unlock the system.

That means you don’t need to press any hard button. The feature is especially handy when your hands are dirty or wet. More importantly, it adds two notable settings that help users tackle some common issues, including the exposure compensation via the display in the dark environment and closing one eye can make the device unable to recognize the face.


Good security. Along with the article of the Realme 2 Pro reviews, the writer first looks carefully the security layer of a smartphone running the new Color OS. However, the Realme 2 Pro is actually designed with full of vital and easy-to-use security features. In other words, users don’t have any difficulties in finding out or downloading more applications. Here are the most considerable security features of this device:

+ Private password: Password is saved in the chip-level security storage of the device to prevent bad guys from stealing or decoding by algorithms.

+ Manage the list of applications that are requiring the rights on the device, pointing out what the rights are.

+ Protect private data: When the feature is turned on, if being asked for the information by any app, the device will automatically provide an empty list to protect your private data.

+ Support the emergency SOS on the device to call for help and send the position in the emergency case.

+ Offer a space for kids, limit the duration of use as well as the app they can access, prevent the illegal installation, forbid all game apps from sending SMS messages that require users to pay money.

In this article of the Realme 2 Pro reviews, the writer has just listed a series of strong and weak points of this smartphone. Obviously, considering the price range, it is an outstanding option for many users who are looking for a mid-range handset.

Accordingly, if you are planning a smartphone from Rs 10,999 or higher, the Realme 2 Pro may be for you. Hope that the above Realme 2 Pro reviews will partly help you get a clearer look at this product.


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