Official Promo Photos Of The Lenovo Z5s Reveal Three Color Options

Karamchand Rameshwar - Dec 17, 2018

Official Promo Photos Of The Lenovo Z5s Reveal Three Color Options

The official promo photos of the upcoming Lenovo Z5s were uploaded showing three colour options of the devices, one of which is a stunning color gradient.

Lenovo is going to release its Lenovo Z5s tomorrow with a triple rear camera system and 8GB of RAM. A head of the launch, Lenovo Vice President just posted the colour variants of the Lenovo Z5s on his Weibo page. Former leader of ZUK smartphones, Chang Cheng, uploaded official Z5s’s press photos on his social media account, showing the Lenovo handset’s glass back will have three colour options - Purple, Black and a color gradient.   

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All three color options of the Z5s look stunning

Purple variant of the Lenovo Z5s




The Purple option is unique in its own way. This Z5s variant most likely feature micro dots that can reflect the light in different ways, giving rainbow glares to its back panel.

Gradient Orange/Pink variant of the Lenovo Z5s




This gradient variant will probably catch the most attention from consumers

This color option is very eye-catchy - a gradient starting from pink & gradually getting to bright orange isn’t an option that we have seen in other producers. The device’s rim is in Rose Gold color, and that may be inspired by the colours you may see in clear weather during sunrise. So we think it’s Pink/Sunrise Gold

Black variant of the Lenovo Z5s




The black color option of the Z5s look classic and plan, which should be the first model to be available in those flash sales happening in the Chinese market all the time. The USB Type-C port and a headphone jack are also easy spotted. The phone’s rim is in dark blue, so this colour option might be called differently other than Black, but

Tomorrow will be the official introduction of the handset, so we don’t have to wait for long to see more details of this Lenovo smartphone including its price, release date and also detailed specifications.


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