Is Mobile Gaming Becoming one of the Fastest Growing Industries in India?

hoaict - May 26, 2021

Is Mobile Gaming Becoming one of the Fastest Growing Industries in India?

With technology constantly improving in the gaming area, this usage is set to soar even further especially in India.

Mobile usage is growing at an astonishing speed across the globe, especially in India. We now conduct everything from ordering groceries to chatting to friends, to business transactions and gaming via our smartphone devices. With technology constantly improving in this area, this usage is set to soar even further.

Convenient, easy, and affordable

Smartphones, once deemed luxury items, are now extremely affordable, meaning almost everyone owns one. Having access to a smartphone or tablet allows avid gamers to game on the go. This is not only a convenient way to indulge in a wide range of pastimes, it’s a form of gameplay that has become even more popular during the pandemic. Asides from passing the time, players unable to venture to physical casinos are turning to their phones.

A recent report compiled by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA)  - The Power of Mobile Gaming in India - states India to be one of the five largest global gaming markets in existence. By 2022, the gaming industry is set to reach an astounding $2.8 billion, with players in India indulging in mobile games at least twice per day, and virtual games being the go-to for players from all demographics and walks of life.

Throughout the pandemic, the search for online games has skyrocketed, with more gamers than ever before choosing to play on portable devices such as smartphones over traditional devices, including the likes of laptops and PCs. Why? Because it’s practical! Not everyone in India owns a home computer, yet most people own a smartphone.

Why is mobile gaming a good fit for India?

Gaming 1500 Mub7 960
Mobile gaming is proving the most popular way to play numerous online games

In regards to the next generation of online gamers in India, mobile gaming is proving the most popular way to play numerous online games. Whether as a form of entertainment or as a way to win big bucks, there is an online casino to suit all tastes and abilities. Many players are using casino guides like in order to research the best casinos for mobile gaming on the market.

Even pre-pandemic, the average player spent 6.92 hours per week gaming online in India alone. Considering the global average is 7.11 hours, these figures rank extremely high. The younger generation of players, who range in age from 26-45 years, make up for 25% of these figures, closely followed by more mature players, with those aged 35 and above making up one-third of this growth.

Is gaming taking over television?

The majority of prime-time TV take place between the hours of 8 pm and midnight. This also happens to be the time when avid gamers play online. It’s not only an exciting, adrenaline-inducing activity, it’s a social sport. Players can now log into their mobile devices, tap into their favorite games and chat amongst like-minded players. In addition to the social aspect, there are some great jackpots up for grabs, as well as an overwhelming amount of games to choose from, available to both iOS and Android users. With this in mind, several people are switching TV consumption to gaming on the go.

Social media - an asset to players and gaming providers




Social media
Nowadays, players are using their smartphones to research games

As well as players using their mobile devices to play games on the go, they are also using their smartphones to research games, read reviews, and request feedback. On top of this, these devices are being used to download the latest gaming and casino apps from the likes of the Google Play Store and iTunes.

Social media is a great tool for gamers looking to learn more about new games, whilst app platforms are an asset to casinos wishing to advertise various offerings, player incentives, and jackpots - the result - a further boost in mobile usage!

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