MediaTek Launches Helio M70 Chipset With 5G Modem

Anita - May 29, 2019

MediaTek Launches Helio M70 Chipset With 5G Modem

MediaTek has launched its flagship SoC, called the Helio M70 with an integrated 5G modem. The chipset is built on the 7nm process and features ARM Cortex-A77 CPU, and Mali-G77 GPU.

MediaTek has recently unveiled a new chipset called Helio M70, as what it announced in early May. It is known that the chipset features 5G support and is produced on a 7nm process. Additionally, it becomes the first chipset coming with Mali G77 GPU and Cortex A77 CPU of ARM. The introduction was a part of the Computex event this year, which occurred in Taiwan.

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In addition, the new Helio M70 also has a 5G modem, which helps all handsets integrated this SoC to use both 5G non-standalone and standalone networks of under 6GHz. Besides, the SoC also has 2G, 3G, 4G network support when the smartphone is outside the area covered by the 5G antennas. The President of MediaTek, Joe Chen, called the company’s new chip the most powerful 5G processor so far. Chen added:


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The newly-launched quarter of this year, which means that devices integrated this chipset should be unveiled by early 2020.

However, the full specifications of the chipset are not finalized, therefore the company will release another announcement with a full sheet of specifications “in the coming months”. And smartphone makes cooperating with this SoC company are Vivo and OPPO. Therefore, it is expected that these BKK subsidiaries would launch real 5G flagship devices within less than one year.

According to a press release, the new Helio M70 chipset will support NR (New Radio) 2 CC (Component Carrier) and hit a peak throughput of 4.7Gbps download speeds on the sub-6GHz network. Also, it has the support for the 4K video decoding and encoding at 60fps and can get along with up to 80MP phone camera sensor.


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