iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE 2020, Which Is The Better Compact iPhone?

Karamchand Rameshwar - Oct 22, 2020

iPhone 12 Mini vs iPhone SE 2020, Which Is The Better Compact iPhone?

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020, what is the better pick? Can the more affordable iPhone SE 2020 beat its newer sibling?

Apple currently has two small-size smartphones, which are the iPhone SE 2020, launched in April 2020, and the latest iPhone 12 mini, which was recently introduced. So between these two models, which one is right for you? We will help you answer the question by comparing the two phones in detail. 

Iphone 12 Mini Vs Iphone Se 2020
iPhone 12 Mini Vs iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020: Design

In terms of design, the iPhone 12 mini has a modern look thanks to thin bezels, flat metal frame, and glass back. The iPhone 12 mini is also smaller in size than the 2020 SE even though it has a larger screen. In addition, the 12 Mini is also IP68 certified, which means the handset is water-resistant up to 6 meters for 30 minutes. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE is IP67 certified with 1.5-meter water resistance.

Iphone 12 Mini Vs Iphone Se 2020 3
iPhone 12 mini

The 12 mini is also offered in more color options, including Black, Blue, Green, Red, and White. Meanwhile, the iPhone SE 2020 is available in Black, White, and Red hues.

Iphone Se 2020
iPhone SE 2020

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020: Display

The iPhone 12 Mini's screen outperforms the iPhone SE (2020) in every way. The 12 Mini owns a 5.4-inch OLED Super Retina XDRscreen, which is really a plus point for this affordable iPhone 12 model from Apple when the majority of predecessors like the iPhone 11 and XR only get IPS LCD screens.

Iphone 12 Mini Vs Iphone Se 2020 2
iPhone 12 Mini

Not just that, the display also supports HDR10 and Dolby Vision, which means it offers a great media experience. The 12 Mini is also covered with “Ceramic Shield”, similar to the premium version. This glass layer is a special compound between glass and ceramic, and is four times more durable than its predecessor.

As for the iPhone SE 2020, it is equipped with a 4.7-inch screen on an IPS LCD panel. Despite having a smaller display, the SE 2020 looks bigger than iPhone 12 mini because the 12 mini is thinner and the iPhone SE 2020 has a thick chin with the physical home button.

Danh Gia Iphone Se 2020 06 20200424090604
SE 2020

At the top, the SE 2020 has a thick bezel while the 12 Mini features a wide notch. The former definitely looks more modern than the former, but it is really up to your liking.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020: Cameras

Before entering the camera comparison, let's look at the detailed camera specs on both:

  • iPhone SE (2020): 12MP main camera with f / 1.8 aperture, PDAF, OIS; LED flash; 4K60FPS video recording; 7MP selfie camera.
  • iPhone 12 mini: 12MP main camera with f / 1.6 aperture, dual pixel PDAF, OIS; 12MP ultra-wide camera with f / 2.4 aperture; LED flash, 4K60FPS video recording; 12MP selfie camera.

With this setup, the 12 mini can take significantly better bright pictures than the iPhone SE 2020 on paper. In addition, it also offers perfect focusing with dual focus capabilities. Moreover, Apple also adds a wide-angle camera and night photography on the 12 Mini. In terms of selfie camera, the mini’s selfie camera has a 12MP resolution compared to the 7MP resolution of the SE 2020.

If you love taking photos, you should choose the 12 mini. However, if you are someone who occasionally takes pictures, you'll do well with the iPhone SE (2020).

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020: Battery & Fast charge

The 12 mini’s battery capacity has just been revealed to be 2.227 mAh. As for the iPhone SE 2020, its battery capacity is 1,821mAh. You can see that the 12 mini has a beefier battery, but you have to take into account the 5G support of the 12 mini. It means the two smartphones should have a similar battery life.

Iphone 12 Mini Magsafe
MagSafe charger

The highlight of the iPhone 12 mini is its convenient Magsafe wireless charging support. This feature allows MagSafe-compatible chargers to automatically attach to the back of the device. The iPhone SE 2020 also has wireless charging, but it isn't Magsafe.

Iphone Se 2020 Wireless Charging
iPhone SE 2020 doesn't have the new MagSafe charger

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020: Connectivity

The Apple iPhone 12 series is the first iPhone lineup with 5G support. The 12 mini is also the most compact 5G iPhone. However, up to now, 5G is still limited and 4G connectivity is fast enough to stream good quality video. So when you choose to buy iPhone SE 2020, you won’t lose much, especially in India. It will be the right choice for users who want to upgrade their phone in the next year or two. But if you plan to buy a phone that will last for 4-5 years, then having 5G will definitely have the advantage.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020: Performance

If you choose a phone for performance, the newer phone is obviously the better choice. The SE 2020 is powered by the A13 Bionic processor used on iPhone 11 generation while the 12 mini draws power from the newer A14 Bionic chipset. Apple claims that the A14 is around 20 percent more powerful than the A13. Even though it is a significant difference, the A13 is still very powerful and should be enough for every tasks, including heavy gaming. Therefore, if you are also concerned about pricing, the SE 2020 obviously offers a better performance/price ratio.

iPhone 12 mini vs iPhone SE 2020: Price in India

The iPhone SE 2020 price in India is Rs. 34,999 for the 64GB option, Rs. 39,999 for the 128GB option, and Rs. 49,999 for the 256GB option.

The iPhone 12 mini price in India is Rs. 69,900 for the 64GB option, Rs. 74,900 for the 128GB option, and Rs. 84,900 for the 256GB option.

So should you buy iPhone SE 2020 or iPhone 12 mini?

Being a newer model, the 12 mini is clearly better than the SE 2020. It gets an OLED display, dual rear cameras, 5G connectivity, the new MagSafe wireless charging technology, a more powerful A14 Bionic chipset, and a modern design. 

However, when you take into account the price difference, it is a different story. The 12 mini is twice as expensive as the SE 2020. It still offers you a great display, powerful performance, decent battery life, and good camera quality. Therefore, if you care about performance/price ratio, the SE 2020 is a better pick. But you can spend around Rs. 70,000 - 80,000, then picking the iPhone 12 mini is the way.

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