iPhone 11 Look Brilliant In Most Of The Aspects In New Renders Except For The Ugly Camera Bump

Karamchand Rameshwar - May 04, 2019

iPhone 11 Look Brilliant In Most Of The Aspects In New Renders Except For The Ugly Camera Bump

The upcoming iPhone 11 phones look brilliant in new renders but we just can't agree with the ugly camera bump that Apple is said to apply in its new phones.

The upcoming 11R iPhone (let’s assume this will be the name Apple uses) will definitely be the company’s top-selling new iPhone model after being announced in the forthcoming September. The builds of iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max a few days ago were made possible by referring to leaked CAD files from the factories manufacturing the next generation iPhone model. Now, new renders have just been created by the graphics illustrators at HKI Products, showing a more realistic glimpse at the design of the upcoming iPhone 11 models. While we can’t deny the fact that these iPhone devices look very premium, there is one thing that we can’t agree on, and that is the weird camera cluster on the back.

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Every pair of eyes right now are watching the two flagship models: iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max. In fact, the flagship models are always more interesting than the cheap models, and the iPhone 11 series is no exception. Although we still don’t know all the details about the iPhone 11 and 11 Max, leading Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said the two models will be equipped with a new triple rear camera system, along with OLED screen that is more brilliant and beautiful. Meanwhile, iPhone 11R will be upgraded to dual camera cluster on the back and LCD screen that does not support 3D Touch, similar to iPhone XR.

Last time, we have somewhat figured out the design of iPhone 11 phones, when details revolving around new generation iPhones have leaked a few months ago. And last week, the first set of renders that are said to reveal the complete design of the upcoming iPhone handsets has appeared. In terms of design, the upcoming iPhone devices look quite similar to the iPhone XS and iPhone X. Next, we see another, more detailed image of the iPhone 11 Max’s design.

Today, new iPhone 11 Max renders have surfaced online, and it looks incredibly cool. They are based on the latest leak information. However, there is one main point that the renders will probably be different from the actual devices, which are colors. Kaymak envisions the phone with two colors: Space Gray and Gold, but the area around the 3-lens camera cluster is all black on both versions. Obviously, this is better, but rumor has it that Apple will design this area to match the rest of the back.

Photo 1 15568084883061725214077

Another interesting point about Kaymak’s photos is that they show the dark interface mode coming out on iOS 13. Many sources say this dark interface mode will definitely appear on big upcoming iOS updates. And that is perfectly reasonable as many current iPhone models are equipped with OLED displays with non-glowing pixels if displayed in black. The dark interface mode is not only beautiful but also saves battery life.

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