iOS 13 Beats Android 10 In A Number Of Areas

Dhir Acharya - Sep 11, 2019, 2:15 pm IST

As Apple just announced the iPhone 11 lineup, we will soon see how iOS 13 works in hardware. And we’re also waiting for the launch of Android 10.

Phones would have no life without software powering them, including Android and iPhones. Google and Apple have just announced their latest operating systems, Android 10 and iOS 13 respectively. The former will roll out on September 19 while the latter is set to release by fall.

iOS 13 will come with a system-wide dark mode, improved security features, and more control over privacy settings for users. Meanwhile, Android 10 offers dark mode too, AI enhancement, and focus on privacy.


As Apple just announced the iPhone 11 lineup just early this morning, we will soon see how the new OS works in hardware. And we’re also waiting for the launch of Android 10 as it is starting to get more real.

That means, in this article, our comparison will solely be based on what Apple and Google have shown off so far rather than real-world test, which will come later when the operating systems are released.

Privacy, iOS 13 wins

Over the years, Apple’s selling point has been protecting user data privacy. A big difference between the two companies is that Apple does not rely on targeted ads using user data, but rather make earnings from selling hardware, services, and its own apps. At the Worldwide Developer Conference, the iPhone maker said that users will have more control of location permissions on apps, where they can choose to share the information once and have the app ask for it again if it wants.

Additionally, the company unveiled Sign in with Apple, a feature that allows users to sign in anonymously to apps and websites, avoiding being tracked. It will come mandatory in app this fall.

Sign In With Apple Ios 13 900x506

Meanwhile, Google most recently talked up user data protection with its CEO Sundar Pichai writing “privacy cannot be a luxury good offered only to people who can afford to buy premium products and services.”

However, it’s harder for Google since the majority of its revenue comes from ad business, which is based on users’ search. And with Android 10, the company is taking a step in the right way by letting user control what information gets shared through services and apps.

The two companies have different approached towards user privacy. For instance, Google is developing a Chrome update that may hobble privacy and ad-blocking extensions. On the other hand, Apple announced in 2018 that Safari browser would block third-party trackers from monitoring users’ web activities.

System-wide dark mode, iOS 13 wins

Ios 13 Beta 6 Dark Mode Toggle Compressed

A dark mode not only turns the bright white display into black but also helps save battery as it lights up fewer pixels while reducing eye strain. Earlier 2019, Google brought dark in an update for Android Pie, but it was not system-wide. In early Android 10 betas, the dark theme was distributed more evenly across the operating system. But some apps like Chrome and Gmail still lack the dark mode.

Apple is more experienced with this, with its first move with the dark mode in 2018’s macOS Mojave. The company will also bring a dark mode to iOS 13, listing a wide range of places displaying the dark theme including Messages, Calendar, notifications, widgets, and wallpaper. It seems that iOS 13 has a more uniform dark theme.

Shooting, editing, and sharing photos, Android 10 wins


Google Photos has almost everything you could expect in photo service. It’s a combination of effortless photo sharing and backup with powerful, user-friendly editing tools for a comprehensive photography tool on Android handsets. Pixel smartphones’ Night Site mode is almost enough to help Android win. And since it’s Google’s product, users are able to search for people, things, and places if they want to see all the images that Photos assigns with a tag. Furthermore, users can use the first 15GB storage for free.

Meanwhile, Apple Photos offers a wide range of editing tools and iOS 13 will bring even more, which include the ability to change a portrait’s lighting intensity using a slider. Plus, Apple Photos is excellent at recognizing scenes, objects, and faces to help with sorting images. However, only Apple users can access this service, and only the first 5GB of storage is free.

Running apps in other places, iOS 13 wins

31445 52594 Project Catalyst L

At WWDC 2018, Apple said that it would love some iOS apps to macOS with the new Project Marzipan developer tool, which is officially called Project Catalyst. Now, the company said it would let iPadOS developers bring their apps from iPad to Mac. This could help developers create apps which can run on both iOS and macOS more easily while Mac user will have a wider selection of apps.

Google also enables developers to move apps across platforms by letting them access Android apps via the Play Store. However, there are limitations, for example, Chromebooks require Internet connections, and they don’t have macOS and Windows apps like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office.

Gaming, depending on user preference

Screen Shot 2019 09 10 At 13 04 14 Pm

Apple Arcade lets users play games on several devices including Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Apple TV. Notably, according to Apple, its Arcade is compatible with PlayStation DualShock 4 and Xbox One controllers.

Google Stadia is about game streaming and users can play them as long as they are on Chrome. Stadia will come with a controller of its own but still work with third-party controllers.

If you have special interest in console games and your internet connection is good, you can choose Stadia. If mobile and indie games are your thing, Apple Arcade may be more suitable.

Messaging apps, iOS 13 wins


Apple’s messaging focus is on Messages and FaceTime, really strong competitors in terms of text and video chat, featuring end-to-end encryption. In addition, the messaging handoff between macOS and iOS devices is seamless and users can customize Memoji avatars.

Google’s messaging varies among several apps like Hangouts, Duo, Chat, Hangouts Meet, and Messages, each specifically for a different communication purpose like voice calls, video calls, or just text messaging.

Digital assistant, Android 10 is a clear winner

Open Google Assistant With Android 10s New Swipe G

Though Apple was the first to have a voice assistant, Google has become much stronger in the area over the years, and Apple hasn’t done much to catch up. Siri, in iOS 13, comes with a new voice as well as several tricks such as searching for apps on the Watch and the ability to stream radio stations along with reading and replying to messages through AirPods. The new operating system will also have Siri Shortcuts built-in.

However, Siri is not as good as Google Assistant regarding recognizing and understanding voices as well as commands. In addition, Google’s voice assistant is integrated into all the things you do on the phone, it can make recommendations proactively after it looks at your calendar, Gmail to view your appointments and reservations.

Google Assistant is available on all Android handsets, the Home Max, Home Mini, and even cars.

Siri has made a broad presence too, across the HomePod, WatchOS, macOS, and iOS. Nevertheless, Siri works based on a more limited database.

Swipe to text, Android 10 may win

How To Enable Swipe Typing On Samsung Galaxy S10 K

iOS 13 now allows swipe to text though the feature comes late. Google offers a swipeable keyboard of its own called Gboard while other Android handsets use apps such as SwiftKey.

Gboard is great, not just in swiping capabilities but it also lets users apply various themes, use various languages as well as insert GIFs easily. Apple’s swiping feature QuickPath Typing has a good demo, but it cannot compete with Google.

Mapping and exploring

Google Maps 4

Apple Maps is a dedicated app to help you go from one location to another. iOS 13 will bring rebuilt Maps, including more accurate addresses, better pedestrian and road info. Additionally, the upcoming Apple Maps will offer a Look Around tool which allows users to see the 3D view of a location.

However, Google Maps offered such features for quite a while now, including Street View. Moreover, Google constantly updates its Maps app to better help users get to places. Notably, Maps is still useful after users have reached their destination by suggesting places to eat and activities to do through the Explore tab.

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