Your Smartphone Will Be 40% Fast Charging In Only 10 Mins With This

Shakti - Dec 01, 2018

Your Smartphone Will Be 40% Fast Charging In Only 10 Mins With This

OPPO published its significant OPPO R17 Pro, which comes with Super VOOC Fast Charging. This will be the opening of a new era for the smartphone industry.

It's time to leave home for the airport; you’re about to be late for your upcoming flight. Right at this moment, your smartphone starts dinging! The annoying notification pops up and tells you to charge your phone. What a real disaster! We know how it feels like since we also have encountered that exact situation, so here we are with a new and improved solution. The OPPO’s R17 Pro is currently headlining with its Super VOOC Fast Charging in Indian exhibitions.

Oppo R17 Pro 3

The OPPO Super VOOC technology

You must be wondering where the main point is. For your information, OPPO is the leading company in the invention of Super VOOC technology, which has no competitor at the moment. The fact that 40 percent battery can be replenished in 10 minutes is just amazing. Those who enjoy having lengthy phone calls can now feel saved and comfortable.

The 2016 Mobile World Congress show is the venue at which OPPO released the VOCC (Voltage Open Loop Multi-step Constant-Current Charging). The smartphone producer from China consistently focuses on product safety, but at the same time seeks for a charging acceleration. To guarantee the success, OPPO has join forces with Rheinland Laboratory from Germany to handle complete safety examinations on the projects of speed-boosted charging. Likewise, Rheinland has managed an evaluation to certify the charging speed of R17 Pro with Super VOOC. Ultimately, the result is that its charging speed has achieved 40 percent of power in the only 10-minute span.

The OPPO Super VOOC technology is unveiled back in 2016. Therefore advanced technology promised to top up your smartphone phone’s battery life, therefore you never have to be concerned about charging your equipment for so long periods.

While higher voltages are used in other fast-charging technologies to boost faster-charging speeds, VOOC technology uses higher amperage.

Regarding that, we couldn’t wait any longer to possess the incredible R17 Pro!


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