Apple's Group FaceTime Feature Remains Not Working Properly

Anita - Feb 19, 2019

Apple's Group FaceTime Feature Remains Not Working Properly

Problem with Apple's Group FaceTime feature persists although the company released an iOS update to fix the issue.

Group FaceTime of Apple was reported to have a major security flaw a few weeks ago. Due to this security issue, users are able to eavesdrop and listen to other people's conversation. This flaw was reported to Apple. And Apple decided to take measure by temporarily disabling the service. Recently, Apple has released an iOS 12.1.4 update to solve this flaw.

The update tackled the error and allowed users to use Group FaceTime again. However, it still has not quite been restored to its former functionality. According to a report from MacRumors, some users were still unable to add more participants to a group call.

In particular, the “Add person” button remained inactive and greyed out which makes it impossible for users to add more participants to the FaceTime call. To add another person to a group call, users have only one way which is to start it with more than two people.

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Add Person button on Apple's Group FaceTime does not work

A user of MacRumors forum named Bob-K called Apple support time continuously and was finally told that the button was still not working and they did not know when it would be fixed.

Besides, Apple Support on Twitter also appears to be aware of this error. The most important thing is that Group FaceTime works, but its “Add Person” button is not working properly. Although this flaw is not as serious as the previous one, Apple is still working to fix it as well.

It is known that Apple is currently working on a beta update of iOS 12.2 that has not yet seen the patch addition for the feature. However, we would expect it to deal with ongoing problems in a later 12.2 beta update.


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