Apple Plans To Improve Its Face ID For 2019 iPhones

Author - Nov 06, 2018

Apple Plans To Improve Its Face ID For 2019 iPhones

Apple is working on improving its Face ID system for the next iPhone series in 2019.

Apple plans to further enhance its facial recognition system for its next iPhone series, stated by Ming-Chi Kuo - an Apple analyst.

Facial Recognition

The 3rd 2018 model of Apple, the iPhone XR, was recently released but there are already a few rumors relating the 2019 models. Kuo claims that the iPhone maker is currently working on upgrading its Face ID technology.

According to Kuo, the Face ID technology of the 2019 iPhone series is promised to feature a more powerful flood illuminator.

This feature can decrease the invisible light’s impact from the surrounding of users which lead to a better performance of the Face ID system.

Kuo also added that this improved Face ID scanner is likely to be included in all of the next iPhone models.

The news comes with hardly any surprise as Apple has a history of making marginal upgrades on features of iPhone over time.

However, the unexpected thing is that how much we have already known about the next iPhone when 2019 is still about two months away.


3D Touch may no longer be a feature in 2019 iPhone

There is also a rumor claiming Apple will remove the 3D Touch feature and 3 camera lenses’ integration in its 2019 iPhone. According to some rumors, Apple may remove the notch as well.

It seems like the next iPhones will not have the 5G technology. There is a recent report claiming that Intel has been chosen to be the supplier of the modems for the first 5G iPhone which is expected to launch in 2020.

Besides the improvement in Face ID system for the 2019 iPhones, Kuo also added in the investor note that in late 2019 or early 2020, iPad tablets will have a Time of Flight 3D camera. The new camera can measure how long it takes for lasers or light from the iPad to get to the object and come up with a distance between them.

This feature enables the possibility of capturing 3D objects which then can be edited using the Apple Pencil.

The camera feature will probably be incorporated into the iPhone in mid-2020.


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