Airtel Rolls Out Music Streaming Platform 'Wynk Tube'

Anil - May 03, 2019

Airtel Rolls Out Music Streaming Platform 'Wynk Tube'

Now, users can instantly switch between audio and video mode with a single touch.

On Tuesday, Bharti Airtel has announced about the launch of its new platform named Wynk Tube, a new music streaming service. Thanks to the service, Indian customers now can enjoy watching and listening to free contents by paying for just data usage. The app is currently available for Android smartphones but it’s also expected to be ready for iOS devices as soon as possible. By a single touch, now users can switch between audio and video mode instantly. Watching videos and listening to music might drain your Airtel Smartbytes data, here are how to lower your data usage on both Android and iOS platforms.

Airtel Wynktube 750

Prior to this, the company has been fully integrating the payments bank app into MyAirtel. Since it realized that it's too difficult to manage a couple of apps, the company is also bringing most of them into the MyAirtel app. Thanks to the integration, now it’s not only easy to manage your app account but also access content from other services like movies as well as music from Wynk.

Wynk Tube

Put briefly, Bharti Airtel is not creating any content for the app, but through its partnerships, the company provides its customers with several kinds of content including music, movies, and books.


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