All You Might Want To Know About Twitter Character Limit in India 2019

Katyayana Mallaya - Sep 10, 2019

All You Might Want To Know About Twitter Character Limit in India 2019

Here is a thorough look at latest update new on Twitter character limit in India in 2019.

Twitter is one of the most powerful social networking platform among Facebook and Instagram. This platform is loved and well-known as a place for brief thoughts and prompted ideas. A few months ago, Twitter announced its expand of Twitter character limit to 280, which lead to a some controversy over.

Twitter character limit expanded from traditional 140 to 280 characters

Twitter character limit in India in 2019

If you are a Twitter user for a long enough period of time, you probably know that Twitter character limit used to be of iconic 140 characters back in 2017. However, Twitter started to announce its plan of increasing Twitter post character limit and officially changed the length of a normal tweet few months ago. 

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Limit character in Twitter doubling

Every change has to face some complaints from users whether you want it or not. This goes the same with Twitter since it has to deal with a huge controversy over this change, as well. The decision of expanding character limit on Twitter brought about quite a great debate coming from its either loyal and new users. The debate was mainly triggered by Twitter’s brevity feature.

Controversy over limit character in Twitter

Opinion tweet on limit character on Twitter

Nevertheless, the company still made its move of doubling Twitter tweet character limit from 140 to 280 characters. All users in supported languages, including Hindi and other official languages in India, are able to make use of this change. Up to this current moment, there is not any sign of changing the character count from the company. This means that Twitter character limit remains 280 characters long.

Twitter bio character limit

Another thing you might want to look at is Twitter bio character limit. The fact is, a creative Twitter bios can buy you more followers and attention. As a result, your tweet will be more valuable and able to reach more people.

In real life, Twitter offers different character count for Twitter post and Twitter bio. If the maximum length of a tweet is currently 280 characters, Twitter bio character limit is only 160-character length.

How does Twitter character limit work?

When you only have a limited number of characters to fit your idea, it is fairly essential to learn how Twitter character limit counts. However, not everyone knows about this. To simply put, Twitter counts every single one of the character that you put out. This consist of letters, numbers, spaces and even hashtags and mentions. It is also important to note that letters with accent marks are considered only one character.

It is important to know how Twitter character limit counts

However, there is only one exception to the rule. And this is in term of URL concern. Since Twitter has it own URL shortening service, the website address you include in your tweet will count as 22 characters. In other words, no matter how long the original link is, it will automatically count as 22-character length.

On the whole

To put things in perspective, the expand of the post length is a reasonable approach to the differences between languages. Given the strict rule on character count, the whole thing relating to doubling Twitter character limit to 280 happened few months ago does make it more convenient for their users. The increase of hcaracter limit on Twitter allows people to communicate their messages better yet still keep them brief enough to catch people’s attention no matter what language they use in their tweets.

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