How Customize A Personalized Sticker For WhatsApp. Here Are Steps

Author - Nov 09, 2018

How Customize A Personalized Sticker For WhatsApp. Here Are Steps

Just a favorite PNG image in the phone. You can customize a personalized sticker in WhatsApp Messenger. The following simple steps can help you.

WhatsApp Messenger, a cross-platform messaging owned by Facebook, recently allowed its users to add a new and personal Sticker to the app inside. This feature benefits user's entertainment purpose when sending the special and unique emotional icons to friends. The feature is integrated into the WhatsApp Messenger app running in Android and iOS platform. Although Andriod users can select the given stickers, they also download the packs from the third party on Google Play. Besides, Andriod users have another way that is creating their own personalized stickers and integrating it into the WhatsApp Messenger.

Whatsapp Stickers Feature 1024x640

Here are the simple steps that can help you. You should follow step by step.

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Step 1:

1"Save as" the favorite image in PNG extension, the WhatsApp-supported format

Step 2:


Upgrade to the higher mobile version of WhatsApp, at least 2.18.

Step 3:


Select the emotional status

Step 4:


Convert them into transparent background images (PNG extension)

Step 5:


Download a popular background eraser app on Google Play

Step 6:


Select your desired images to convert into Stickers

Step 7:


Use Auto, Magic or Manual tool for background erasing purpose

Step 8:


Crop it

Step 9:


After that, you have the "personalized stickers"

Step 10:


You need to create at least 3 "personalized stickers" as WhatsApp requirement.

Step 11:


Download the app named "Personal Stickers for WhatsApp" on Google Play

Step 12:


The "Personal stickers for WhatsApp" app will realize your "personalized stickers" automatically

Step 13:


Select "Add" at the right side of the "personalized stickers"

Step 14:


Tap on "Add" 1 more time

Step 15:


Open the WhatsApp's chat window, tap on the smiley icon

Step 16:


Select your sticker icon, which is located near the GIF icon, at the bottom of your screen

Step 17:

18Select your desired "photo sticker" and just Send

Step 18:

19You don't have to repeat all the above steps to make a new 'personalized stickers' for the next time usage

Now you can try by sending a funny message to your friends with these emotional and personalized icons.


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