Here Is A Sketchy Description Of The PUBG’s Venice Map

Shakti - Dec 02, 2018

Here Is A Sketchy Description Of The PUBG’s Venice Map

PUBG plans to bring a new map based on Venice. This article will provide you with useful information about this fantastic idea.

PUBG is taking over the Indian market and other international locations step by step because more and more players are hoping to experience it every day. A few million players attempt really hard to achieve a “Chicken dinner” in one of these maps: Erangel, Sanhok, and Miramar. However, what if the company launches a different map that gets ideas from the “City of Canals” –Venice? This is precisely that one of PUBG’s fans has accomplished. In addition, he also said that many reachable new vehicles and weapons might appear as a segment of this map.


A concept map for PUBG inspired by Venice, Italy

LamEzalor has published the map on Reddit that is being named “Venezia”. With the perception winter map, the Redditor has already made another one in the preceding time. So, the following is all what he shares.

Bicycle, aquarail and underwater pistol

As you could have predicted, with Venezia map you need to travel by waterways in the most of time and players may face a difficulty that it is not easy to think about the getting extra new gun. It is absolutely leading to being more dangerous and courageous since players are able to use the underwater pistol named HK-P11 which can attach with the map. Furthermore, PUBG may perhaps also introduce Beretta ARX160 and Benelli M4 shotgun.

Besides, a bike is possibly useful in order to navigate speedily through the alleys and lanes in the Venice map. The Redditor also talks about some other kinds of transportation like Vespa scooter, Fiat 500, and aquarail.

Moreover, it is possible to know the C4 explosive expense that may be gained just via the rugged boxes by using this map.

In according to Reddit’s article, as a replacement for parachuting into the map has become a common standard till now, Venezia gamers can be born in caves opened in a circle surrounding the map (represented by gray dots). As soon as loading, a countdown timer of 10 seconds starts and then a frantic battle can take place.

Regarding the map size, it is introduced it will consist of three areas, they are Pochinki, Georgepol, and Primorsk (Erangel).

Actually, there is not any verification for the Venice – themed map since it is just a simple perception up to now, nonetheless, if this map will be accomplished, both previous and new players definitely congregate to it for the “chicken dinner”.


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