Here Are 9 YouTube Channels That Reveals All Things About Artificial Intelligence

Jyotis - Feb 05, 2019

Here Are 9 YouTube Channels That Reveals All Things About Artificial Intelligence

Here is the list of top 9 YouTube channels that reveal all things you need to know about artificial intelligence, from Sentdex to 3Blue1Brown.

If you want to have a firm position in the world of artificial intelligence or AI, you must refer to the list of 9 YouTube Channels as below, instead of the boring textbook. Over time, AI has proved its great innovation towards both researchers and all other communities.

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Some are just curious about the so-called artificial intelligence, while others are afraid of being controlled by Skynet. In another case, you may belong to the group who desire to become a celebrity in the AI workforces.

Next year, AI is expected to bring more than 20 lakh new jobs. However, to be a part of these workforces, you will have to equip with a large amount of knowledge from many various sources, such as textbooks, learn through work or friends, or YouTube channels.

Here are the 9 YouTube Channels for both experts and beginners, which may be also for you:

Siraj Raval

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If you have ever heard about Siraj Raval, you must know that this YouTube Channel has now owned more than 50 lakh subscribers. It offers a series of AI videos, as well as video projects at all levels to help you enhance your own coding skills.

You will have a chance to approach live coding sessions and learn how to handle machine learning issues given by the YouTuber on Siraj Raval channel. Sometimes, he inserts some songs into videos to reduce watchers’ stress and evoke the love with AI and coding inside everyone.

The Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence

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As an engineer in the AI sector, you have to comprehend the AI’s roles in real society, as well as how the technology deals with some issues we have faced in daily routine. The Youtube channel aims to provide high-quality engineering and AI research to the global communities.


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Sentdex is a YouTube channel for those who are looking for highly interactive lessons. Harrison Kinsley, Sentdex’s host, offers a lot of fun lessons concerning the latest technology. He focuses on every detail in the projects, and therefore, you will feel much easier to catch all necessary data.

The Artificial Intelligence Channel

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Compared to some renowned YouTube channels, The Artificial Intelligence Channel is not really prominent; however, it is still a good choice for someone who is interested in what world-class leaders have thought and said about artificial intelligence and its roles in the future.

Through the countless speeches, you can find whatever meets your demands in regard to AI, such as transhumanism, synthetic biology, anti-ageing, technological unemployment, space exploration, basic income, and technological singularity.

Brandon Rohrer

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Among the famous YouTube channels, Brandon Rohrer’s one has still confirmed its efficiency with a variety of tutorials. Also known as a data scientist on Facebook, the host is highly appreciated with the ability to handle twisted ideas in the AI world and turn them into easy to comprehend concepts.

Robert Miles

The AI safety is the major topic this YouTube channel has put a lot of its attention on.

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Luis Serrano's channel is built for those who are curious about AI education, deep learning, machine learning, or something like these. The host now serves as a leader of Udacity’s Data Science content and brings the massive knowledge concerning AI’s major components.

Each video is a piece of evidence for his passion with artificial intelligence, machine learning, and mathematics. In addition, the Udacity program may get some interests from you, as well as other subscribers.

Daniel Bourke

Daniel Bourke was a graduate in Food Science and Nutrition four years ago, in 2015; but he suddenly detected his love for artificial intelligence and decided to stick with the technology, instead of becoming a doctor as expected.

Realizing that learning at school is relatively expensive, he leveraged the abundant resources on YouTube and other sites to create his own artificial intelligence masters degree. Up to now, his YouTube channel has always inspired anyone who wants to become a pro in artificial intelligence.


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To approach AI, you have to study and master mathematics including statistics and probability. That is true. However, if your strong point is not this subject, you should ask for 3Blue1Brown’s help. The channel offers a lot of engaging visuals and turns all difficult mathematical topics into something really easy to understand and simple.


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