Apple Watch 6: Everything We Know So Far

Dhir Acharya - May 19, 2020

Apple Watch 6: Everything We Know So Far

It’s months until the launch of the next Apple Watch, likely dubbed the Watch Series 6, but there have already been rumors around its specs and features.

It’s still months until the launch of the next Apple Watch, likely dubbed the Watch Series 6, but there have already been rumors around its specs and features. So here’s what we know so far.

Design: Likely similar to previous models

Of course, there will some minor changes like a larger display, different band designs, and different materials, but the design will likely stay the same.

The Apple Watch 6
The design won't likely change

Apple has been said to be working on a circular design for the Watch Series over the past few years. And the fact that some Android rivals have used this design suggests Apple might follow the path someday. The tech giant even filed patents showing a round screen on its Watch Series. However, that doesn’t mean we will see a round Apple Watch, at least not this year.

It may take years until the patents come to life because the company will have to rework its software and hardware.

Watch Face: Various options, still no third parties

The Watch Series comes with various customizable watch faces, and the company won’t likely allow for third-party watch faces in its upcoming smartwatch.

Apple Watch 6
Various, native watch faces

However, it’s likely that Apple will let users share their watch faces with others through AirDrop, according to 9to5Mac. The report also included leaked iOS 14 code as proof of this information, adding that WatchOS 7 will have an analog-style tachymeter in its design options for measuring distance and speed.

Also, Apple Watch users will be able to customize their watch faces using shared albums from their photos app and add their own photos to the album so everyone else. And country flags can be used as the watch face too.

A new fitness app

Apple Watch 6
A native fitness app

Fitness and health features have been a competitive advantage for the Apple Watch. MacRumors reported that the tech giant is working on a separate fitness app right now, which will provide users with guided workouts for different activities like cycling, running, strength training, rowing, yoga, and dance.

The company doesn’t limit third-party apps for fitness, but a native one may challenge third parties. Apple’s fitness app will be available on the Apple Watch, the iPhone, and Apple TV.

Probably native sleep tracking

Apple bought sleep sensor Beddit in 2017, and since then, there have been rumors that the tech giant would integrate a similar feature into the Watch Series. In October last year, a MacRumors reader spotted a sleep app in a screenshot of the preinstalled alarm app in Apple’s App Store. Then, a Twitter leak on April 30 seems to support this rumor.

A native sleep tracking app will help Apple compete with rivals like Samsung and Fitbit.

Pulse oximeter for measuring blood oxygen

Apple Watch 6
New health monitoring features

Apple seems to be expanding its strong area with more health and fitness features. Possibly named SPO2 tracking, the feature would let the watch measure the levels of blood oxygen in the user’s body like a pulse oximeter. It would also alert users if their blood oxygen level drops below a threshold, as reported by 9to5Mac.

For such a feature to work, the Watch Series 6 may come with a new sensor, like a pulse oximeter. Otherwise, there could be a software update to take advantage of the existing hardware. Apart from that, the next Apple Watch may also come with a blood pressure and glucose monitoring feature.

A kid-friendly device

Instead of an iPhone, parents can now buy their kids an Apple Watch and set it up, monitor it via their own iPhone. This will help parents control over what content or music their children can access.

WatchOS 7 will come with the SchoolTime feature that allows parents to decide certain apps and respective time to use them on the watch.

Panic attack and stress tracking

The next Watch Series may also have other mental health monitoring features, such as the ability to detect when its user is going to have a panic attack.

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