All You Can Do With USB-C Port On Your iPad And Other Devices

Author - Nov 09, 2018

All You Can Do With USB-C Port On Your iPad And Other Devices

Since not all USB-C ports and cables can do the same things, here all you need to know about a USB-C port's capabilities.

USB-C, as we all know Apple now uses on its new iPad Pro, is made to address several problems of USB.  But be careful, not every USB-C port and cable is the same, they cannot always do the same tricks.

To help you know exactly what you’re getting, we’ve listed all the features that USB-C can do on your iPad Pro as well as other devices.

Video output with high resolution

The USB-C port on the Pro is capable of putting out a video, directly through an appropriate HDMI adapter cable or to a USB-C display.

If you’re a pro and you want better resolution, the Pro’s USB-C support up to 5K resolution and HDR, as long as you have a second screen and a USB-C cable with either of these qualities, of course.

How to use the second display relies on what original device you have, a laptop or a tablet. While some apps simply mirror the screen, others bring about a second display experience.

Reversible charging and flash charge

If you have the right cable, your iPad Pro can charge an iPhone, or a random phone with the USB-C port. Of course, a MacBook can charge an iPad or iPhone but it doesn’t work the way around since an iPad does not have enough battery for a laptop.

In terms of fast charging, this depends on the device and the charger. Basically, the USB-C port is able to run 100W or 3mps of power.

Memory sticks and storage drives

The new iPad Pro can only connect to flash drives or USB-C memory cards to get videos and photos, the same for Camera Roll. When you attach a thumb drive, the folder’s layout have to meet an SD card’s layout standard suited with the device so that it can read the files.

A laptop is more flexible as it can recognize any type of file on most kinds of USB-C storage device.

Audio output and input

The USB-C allows connection in both ways, a microphone and speakers, and even MIDI devices in some case. If the device you want to connect hasn’t been adapted with USB-C, you will need a dongle, which shouldn’t be so hard to get. You may want to note that not every USB-C headphone works on every USB-C port.

Other options for connection

There are more and more USB-C adapters, meaning all kinds of other possibilities such as USB-C to VGA for connecting your old projector with a new USB-C device.

USB-C Ethernet can provide you with the fastest Internet if you can put up with tethering your iPad Pro to a physical port.

USB keyboard can be used if you want to type on a keyboard but don’t have a smart keyboard nearby.


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