Woman Empowered To Fight Sexual Harassment With This New Chatbot

Shakti - Dec 09, 2018

Woman Empowered To Fight Sexual Harassment With This New Chatbot

The advent of a new chatbot, Shakti will help India woman raising voice against workplace harassment. The article will unveil details below.

On account of the famous #MeToo movement in India, a chatbot called “Shakti” has been released to help women fight sexual harassment at their working places.

Shakti is developed by Silicon Valley-based bot and the messaging platform Gupshupa and was introduced last Tuesday. Its mission is defined as a tool to support woman to voice up against harassing.

Chatbot Shakti will assist in giving woman instructions of essential methods that they can do if a regrettable incident of harassment may happen and related government offices woman can reach out to.

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Shakti chatbot to help women fight workplace harassment

This chatbot will be really helpful for everyone to get necessary understandings of the behaviors consisting of sexual harassment along with details that the victim should be ready to report, which government office should receive the report of that unfortunate events and contact person in charge of taking a formal complaint.

"It is encouraging to see courageous women from a cross section of industries raise their voice against workplace harassment. We feel technology can play a role in offering information that many survivors seek, when something like this happens," said Anindita Guha, Head of Gupshup Product and Product Marketing Department in a statement.

Shakti Chatbot will be online every day, every time to support. It is very simple to chat with Shakti. Users will need a device connecting to the Internet, then log in a Facebook account, search page “MeToo India” and send a message to this page.

"With Shakti, our aim is to offer a confidential resource to those who want to raise their voice against such harassment but do not know how to go about it," shared Guha.

The #MeToo movement began in USA 1 year ago to reveal sexual harassment accusations and abuse by powerful men in the entertainment industry. This movement has gained huge attention in India late September after the event of Tanushree Dutta, an Indian actress,  accused Nana Patekar of inappropriate behaviors while they were shooting on the sets of a film in 2008.

Now on, many woman came out on social networks to share their panic stories. The hashtag #MeToo has been a cry for help from victims as well as sympathy from communities in the fight against sexual harassment



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