We Will Soon Have Hologram Cellphones Like In Fiction Films

Dhir Acharya - Nov 02, 2020

We Will Soon Have Hologram Cellphones Like In Fiction Films

Holograms calls like in science-fiction movies will soon come to life as the technology is already here and the device is getting smaller.

Through fiction films like Star Trek, we have all seen the concept of interstellar calls in which people talk directly to the holograms of the person on the other end. While it’s a long way until we can master interstellar travel, it seems that we have got the technology for hologram calls.

The technology is developed by entrepreneur David Nussbaum, who founded Portl Hologram that offers hologram calling devices at a price of $60,000. The company has raised $3 million from a few venture investors.

Portl Hologram full-sized machine
Portl Hologram full-sized machine

However, if you find this is such a hefty price tag that no one can buy, you’ll be surprised to know that Nussbaum has manufactured and sold a hundred machines.

In fact, people have already got used to the technology employed by these portals, which is the same tech used in Coachella 2012 for rendering performance by Tupac Shakur. Nussbaum’s company bought that technology and added several upgrades to enhance the immersion.

hologram call
The company is working on a smaller version with all the features

Nevertheless, the entrepreneur knew that his portal was too large and it could be a problem, so he is now working on miniaturizing the system. The new device would have the size of a computer with the ability to record and send holograms to people through a Portl device. Nussbaum said:

“The minis will have all of the features to capture your content and rotoscope you out of our background and have the studio effects that is important in displaying your realistic volumetric like effect and they will beam you to any other device.”

Nussbaum aims at creating a futuristic mode of communication. Like cellphones, which used to be available with very few people, Portl holograms are now accessible to only a few with a deep pocket, but it may soon become as popular as smartphones.

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