This Real-Life UFO Can Take Off From Any Direction

Parvati Misra - Oct 02, 2019

This Real-Life UFO Can Take Off From Any Direction

Many movies and TV shows have given us the depiction of UFO, and this engineer just turns the depiction into reality.

There are many things that attract humans towards the existence of extraterrestrial, one of which is the UFO, which is what this engineer is striving to “recreate”. Razan Sabie – an aerodynamicist from Romania – have just created something that he names “All-Directional Flying Object”, dubbed "ADIFO". The flying object is a saucer-shaped craft that is controlled entirely remotely and is ridiculously maneuverable.

Ufo 1565347098 1
This “All-Directional Flying Object” really looks like a UFO.

As stated by the engineer himself, he has been working for more than two decades with his colleague Iosif Taposu – Head of Theoretical Aerodynamic at the National Aviation Institute and a former Romania’s National Institute for Aerospace Research. Sabie further said that the aircraft’s aerodynamics was the result of over twenty years of rigorous work and was well confirmed by many tests and computer simulations.

While ADIFO's model is based on the stereotypical shape of the UFO - which is the shape similar to a saucer - Sabie stated that the inspiration for ADIFO actually came from something from our Earth. which he later revealed to be that of the cross-section of dolphin’s aerofoil, the dolphin’s fin that is located on its back which helps it glides on the water.

Four fans were packed on the aircraft’s belly in order to help it ascend to the air, at the same time, the rear engines give the aircraft a forward thrust. Meanwhile, the horizontal thrusters grant the aircraft the ability to rotate in mid-air and move laterally.

Ufo 1565347150
Moreover, it can take off in any direction.

Aside from arousing alien enthusiasts’ curiosity, Sabie also speculated that the aircraft’s design also helps reduce the shockwave on the aircraft’s surface, which allows it to make a transition into and out of a supersonic flight with ease.

Moreover, Sabie revealed that some venture-backed companies, airplane manufacturers, and even governments have eyed on his flying machine.  


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