The Russian “Spy” Whale Is Acting Weird

Indira Datta - May 06, 2019

The Russian “Spy” Whale Is Acting Weird

The white whale is said to be Russia's spy and suspiciously friendly and lovely.

Recently, a white whale was discovered in Norway and many believed it to be a Russian spy. If it really is, it is doing its job pretty well when it receives a lot of loves from the locals.

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The white whale is said to be Russia's spy and suspiciously friendly and lovely.

Jorgen Ree Wiig, an official with the Norwegian Bureau of Fisheries, said even when fishermen freed the whale, it still swims around the port city.

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Norwegian fishermen found the white whale and gave it the freedom to swim back to the ocean.

Not only did he not leave the city, but he also became a pet of the citizens in the city. It is always ready to quickly fetch the rings thrown into the water like dogs fetching balls for their owners. Moreover, the local can pet and rub this nose of this mammal. Wiig said this is a very strange and unusual activity compared to its species.

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The whale swam around the city port and let people here pet it.

This friendly whale was thought to be a Russian spy because he had a belt carrying the words “Equipment of St. Petersburg”. However, the Russian military has completely denied it and this white whale does not belong to any military mission.

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The harness was removed by Norwegian fishermen who spotted it on the beluga whale

Colonel Viktor Baranets, Colonel of the Russian Army, told the BBC that in case this whale was a spy, would they actually give this animal a harness bearing with their names on it?

Norway Beluga Whale 21987
This friendly white whale carries a belt with the name of the owner

Wiig says it's not as important whether this white whale is a spy, all they want is to keep it healthy. That is why officials in Norway are still considering whether to bring it to Iceland's sanctuary.


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