Russia's Hypersonic Missile 'Avangard' Speeds At Mach 5, Nearly 6,200Kmph

Anil Singh - Dec 31, 2019

Russia's Hypersonic Missile 'Avangard' Speeds At Mach 5, Nearly 6,200Kmph

By any means, the announcement of this hypersonic missile may cause concerns among many other countries, especially the US.

The notorious hypersonic missile of Russian is now active to some extent. The Ministry of Defense’s recent announcement has mentioned their first regiment’s use of the Avangard system in the December 27th morning. Therefore, Russia seemingly has the opportunity to aim at any target in the world without receiving punishment. In general, the way that the weapon launches is the same as that of the traditional ballistic one; however, its re-entry vehicle speedily flies into the atmosphere with the ability to keep maneuverable at high altitudes. This feature could be hardly ceased utilizing current anti-missile systems. 


As a revenge, the news is considered to be a straight answer to the rumors worrying about the possibility that carbon fiber could not be found, which would cause Avangard’s launch cancellation. Previous Russian media's sayings stated that Avangard was capable of traveling up to Mach 5, approximately 6,200 km/h.

As it may seem, technology is an aspect that can not be seen whether it is ready or not. People are still confused about the number, the effectiveness, and the guarantee that those manufacturers of missiles have provided before. On November 26th, experts from the U.S received permission to examine the Avangard systems provided that they followed the 2010 arms treaty’s rules. Probably when the number of missiles is not too multiple and there is prolonged launch sequence, the missile will not become a threat to the people as they fear. 

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By any means, the announcement of Russian may still cause concerns among many other countries. Although the US, Australia, and China’s hypersonic systems are also on progress, none of which has been in use successfully. Theoretically, Russia’s hurry will definitely make it more powerful in comparison with other countries that challenge its agenda. However, it seems that Russian might receive a reverse result because other countries are being given the motivation to develop their own systems, which can be the start of another Cold War era.


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