The Mysterious House Blurred By Google Maps Street View

Harin - Oct 08, 2019

The Mysterious House Blurred By Google Maps Street View

A house in England was mysteriously blurred by Google Maps Street View. And people have no idea why Google decided to blur it.

Google Street View car's photos contain both interesting and mysterious things, like the house in this article.

In the process of mapping the world, Google Maps Street View will take photos of houses, people and many other things. To protect people’s privacy, the tech company will often blur the faces of the people in the photos as well as personal information like license plates, house numbers, etc. However, in some cases, no one can explain why Google Maps hides some certain locations. And in this case, it is the house in Stockton-on-Tees in County Durham.

This house in England is on a completely normal street called Princeport Road. And the house itself is nothing special.

And in the photo, it is completely blurred.

But Google decided that people should not see this house. And in the photo, it is completely blurred.

Why did the tech giant want to hide this house? Does it hold a dark secret?

If you are expected some kind of mysterious movie-like story, then sorry to say that there’s nothing like it.

In fact, even the house residents don’t understand why Street View blurs their house.

Jane Allison said: “I have lived in this house since 2000 and I don’t know why you can’t see it. It will be good to know the reason.”

This house is not the only place to attract attention for being blurred by Google Maps.

For example, there is an area in Northern France that suffers the same fate. It is a nuclear recycling plant in La Hague, Normandy. This factory is called AREVA La Hague and was opened in 1976, specializing in handling and processing used nuclear fuel from Japan, Belgium, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, and Spain.

For several years, this plant has caused a lot of controversies. It has also received countless criticism from Greenpeace organization. They have organized a campaign to call for the shutdown of the plant since 1997. And perhaps, this plant has been blurred for security reasons.

The Ayioi Anargyroi military base in Athens, Greece is another location that users can’t see on Google.

A lot of military bases or government buildings are also censored by Google Maps. But sometimes, Google decided to hide something because of its dark story.

For example, Google once blurred the house where the kidnapper and sexual assaulter Ariel Castro help three innocent women in captive for a whole decade. After Castro was put into jail, Google blurred the building where the horrific incident happened.



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