SBI Will Block Your Internet Banking Account After Nov 30 If You Don't Do This

Author - Nov 20, 2018

SBI Will Block Your Internet Banking Account After Nov 30 If You Don't Do This

After November 30, if you don't do this with your internet banking account and phone number, your account will be blocked forever. So take notes.

Although Indian people now don’t need an Aadhaar card to hold their bank accounts, the State Bank of India (SBI) needs an insurance that every current account on internet banking is linked to a legit phone number. Hence, from December 1, bank account owners who haven’t linked their accounts with their phone number will be disabled from using internet banking via SBI application or its website.

Remember that customers whose accounts have not been linked will be prevented from the online banking services only. Their accounts will still fully function if they go to an ATM or the bank.

On its website, SBI announced to its customers, according to RBI advisory, you must register your cell phone number in order to use internet baking services. If you fail to register your phone number by November 30, 2018, your access to internet banking will be blocked/deactivated from December 1, 2018.

If bank account owners aren’t sure whether or not their accounts are linked with their cell phone number, they can do some quick check-up on SBI’s internet banking website.

Here’s how to do it:

First, go to SBI website, log on your SBI net banking services.

Second, enter My Accounts, then the Profile tab.

Third, after clicking on Profile, enter Personal Details/Mobile.

Next, type in your profile password. It is not your account password, in fact, an additional security layer provided by the bank.

Finally, the screen will display the mobile number you registered. If you haven’t registered your number, visit the nearest bank for registration procedures.

Kết quả hình ảnh cho Magstripe debit cards to EMV chip cards

Along with this new phone number policy, customers are also required to upgrade their bank cards from Magstripe debit to EMV chip ones. This additional requirement is in line with the recent guidelines from RBI, in which it is compulsory that banks and customers transfer their cards from Magstripe debit to EMV chip. The current Magstripe debit cards are being and will be blocked for good.

Customers can change their cards or apply for EMV chip cards for free on the website or via their home branch.


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