Here Are Some Ways You Can Make Online Donation To Help Victims Of Assam Floods

Kumari Shrivastav - Aug 01, 2019

Here Are Some Ways You Can Make Online Donation To Help Victims Of Assam Floods

If you want to help people in the Assam floods to minimize the tragedy’s catastrophic effects, here is the list of ways that you can make an online donation.

After the Assam floods, there are 52 million people struggling for lives, more than 6 people have died in the tragedy along with 3 one-horned rhinos – an endangered species. If you know about that disaster and you want to provide some help, you can make an online donation to Relief Fund of Assam Chief Minister.

Flood Situation In Assam Worsens

Assam Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

Assam Chief Minister’s Relief Fund

This is the Assam government’s official website. It provides every detail that you may need to make a donation to Relief Fund of Assam Chief Minister. There are account details for you to give the fund in the role of a beneficiary for online donation or transfer a cheque. In case you own an account of SBI, you can immediately transfer funds by clicking the “Donate” button.


Money raised for Assam Flood Relief

In case you like to use digital wallets, it is possible to make a donation by using Paytm. Paytm is the one claiming to deposit the money directly into Relief Fund of Assam Chief Minister.


Oxfam is responding in Assam Floods in 2017

Oxfam portal, which is a confederation of twenty independent charitable corporations which Oxfam International leads, is also another way for you to donate. In Oxfam portal, you will instead pledge a payment each month of at least Rs. 300 for the period of one year or maybe more than one year. There are various available options to pay.

However, according to Oxfam, the funds will be used to provide support for long-term rehabilitation, drinking water, hygiene supplies, mosquito nets, water filters, solar lanterns, groundsheets, tarpaulin and other things to people in Assam. Nevertheless, they do not mention anything related to the amount specific amount of money transferring to Chief Minister's Relief Fund, therefore, just remember it.


Milaap crowdfunding site

On Milaap, a crowdfunding website based in India, you can find a lot of requests for aid for Assam floods relief. Some of them are created by several other non-government organizations, while the others are just individuals who need aid desperately.

However, remember that you have to be very careful as websites like Milaap have a lot of scammers who take advantage of a disaster like Assam floods for personal purposes. You can conduct much research about the fundraisers before pledging.


Ketto Donation to Assam Floods in 2019

It is also a crowdfunding service based in India. It is the host for some fundraisers for the tragedy. Particularly, a campaign is being run by Rapid Response do you should consider sending the money on Ketto.


ImpactGuru App

ImpactGuru is another Indian-based crowdfunding web. The site is hosting one among some charitable organizations who work to save lives of endangered animals existing in Assam. Through “Wild Aid” – the outreach arm of Wildlife Trust of India, the organization addresses conservation emergencies such as Assam floods. Currently, they have crowdfunding on this website in order to establish funds for rescuing animals in Assam.

Google Pay or Tez

Tez Rebranded As Google Pay

Currently, while other fundraisers for the CRPF and Odisha are available, Google Pay does not have a link of donation for Assam Flood Relief. According to Google, the company is now working on uploading a link and activating it on Google Pay as soon as possible.

Don't forget to:

Any contributions made to the Relief Fund of Assam Chief Minister are eligible for exemptions from Income Tax according to the IT Act’s Section 80(G), 1961. In case your money is sent across, there will be a contribution receipt sent to you during a week. Therefore, make a donation to help people in the country because they are needing us.


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