Latest Ad Of Google Assistant Recreates Home Alone In 1 Minute

Indira Datta - Dec 22, 2018

Latest Ad Of Google Assistant Recreates Home Alone In 1 Minute

This holiday season, Google relies on an extremely well-known holiday movie, Home Alone, to advertise its Google Assistant.

When the Christmas and New Year season is about to arrive, people gather together with family and remember the iconic holiday films. Google relies on a favorite holiday movie to advertise its product, which is a pretty smart strategy, to be honest.

Google 's latest ad is a combination of a popular holiday gift - Google Assistant and the holiday season' s iconic movie - Home Alone. Macaulay Culkin, or Kevin, also appeared in this ad but his life is more modern with the support of Google Assistant. In just 1 minute, Google brought viewers back to their childhood when sitting with their families watching Home Alone.

"Little Kevin" is enjoying his holiday at home by himself. And he uses Google Assistant everywhere in the house on many different Google devices, such as Home Hub, Google Pixel, ... He does everything with the help of Google Assistant, from asking and scheduling to adjusting the indoor temperature.

The footages in the clip recreate scenes from the famous movie

In addition, Google Assistant helps him turn on the "Operation Kevin" mode, which includes locking the door, turning on music and creating shadows through cardboard to prevent thieves.

This ad has really brought people to their childhood watching Home Alone with their family

Besides Google Assistant ads, there is also the appearance of a Pixel handset with an edge-to-edge display and no notch. This has attracted the attention of many people, and they think this may be the design that Google is gearing up for future smartphone products.


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