Huawei Founder To Claim Apple As A 'Role Model'

Anil - Jul 10, 2019

Huawei Founder To Claim Apple As A 'Role Model'

In addition, Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said that the US acts like 'a mother-in-law'.

It's not easy for anyone, including both customers and manufacturers, when the government asks for having their devices unlocked. Concerns over this issue have raised over the years, and now in case of Huawei, its founder Ren Zhengfei considers Apple as his role model for a similar scenario.

Huawei Founder Ren Zhengfei

According to the Financial Times, Ren said Huawei will provide no data of users to the Chinese government even though the practice could come at a cost. Note that this was the way that Apple had already done in the past as it was stuck in the same problem.

As Ren claimed, if Huawei did it even once, their worldwide businesses would immediately collapse because there would be a lot of evidence to let the world know. Up to now, Huawei is operating to sell products in 170 regions and countries. 

Huawei 5G Ban

In short, Ren believed that not Huawei but users control their private data because his company is just an "equipment provider", not a telecom provider who has to track users for supporting their phone calls as a duty.

Under the US's security policy, the phone-making giant has been prohibited from operating its business in the country due to the accusation of a secret relationship between it and the Chinese government.

Even though the ban on purchasing American technology is already taken down, President Donald Trump on behalf of the US government is still loath to perform the same practice for the current ban on 5G. For this year's revenue, Huawei is having to lose $30 billion as the ban's fallout.

Huawei Ren And President Xi

As per Ren Zhengfei, Trump's government is handling baseless fears as Huawei and other Chinese companies are only managed through government's basic requirements like taxation and legal frameworks.


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