Turn On Google Chrome's Malware Scanner On Your Device

Shakti - Nov 26, 2018

Turn On Google Chrome's Malware Scanner On Your Device

Google has its own Google Chrome's malware scanner to detect the vulnerable programs running on the Chrome browser. This article will help you turn it on.

Recently, a new malware named Roaming Mantis was detected by a technology research company, the malware can manage a device via WiFi connections. The malware is hidden running but really dangerous, so users have to be careful before it spreads out to the computer. This article will help you find out a simple tool, a Google Chrome's malware scanner, to keep you safe and to protect your devices.

Chrome users on Windows devices now have a feature of a malware scanner. This malware scanner operates periodically to clean the junks in the web browser. But do you know that you can turn the tool on and scan your computer for safety?

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Here are 6 simple steps to turn the malware scanner on and keep your computer safe:

1. In the top right corner of the Chrome browser, click on the verticle 3-dot menu, and go to the Settings.

2. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Advanced button to show the sub-options

3. Now look for the option "Reset and clean up header" title at the bottom of the page.

4. Click on that "Clean up computer."

5. Now you see the "Find and remove the harmful software" option, click on the "Find" button. And that this the Chrome's malware scanner.

6. You have to wait for a while depending on your computer, for the process of "Checking for harmful software", your Chrome will notify you about any dangerous threat they found on the PC. You just need to remove it. If your computer is clean, then you will get the notification like this "No harmful software found".

Clearly, Google has a good way to remove the malware from the user's computer. And you could feel free to use this tool.

Remember that this is not a general-usage antivirus program. This is a simple feature to detect the malware programs running on the Google chrome environment. You should install another trusted antivirus program for your computer safety usage.


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