Here Are 10 Best Trending Android Games During Nov 5 And Nov 11

Shakti - Nov 14, 2018

Here Are 10 Best Trending Android Games During Nov 5 And Nov 11

According to the Google Play rank one week from Nov 5, these are the names of 10 best trending Android games that most of the players often play.

As statistics on 1 week starting from November 5, here are 10 best trending Android games. This list consists of the games for your smartphone that you can download from the Google Play.

Top Android Games

Top 10 Trending Android Games

1. Ludo King

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The Ludo King game offers realistic and good-looking graphics together with several modes. Players can choose to play with 2 or 4 friends or play the game against the computer. The game objective is that each player gets 4 tokens, and then make it to the finish line.

2. Subway Surfer

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Subway Surfers is a video game describing an endless runner. The Inspector and his dog start chasing Jake (characters name) the player mission is to help Jake to escape from them. The player can move up, down, right and left to avoid crashing into the objects at the front such as the moving trains, tunnel walls, and the barriers. The player can collect various items such as coins, score multipliers, gift boxes or scooters during a playing session. The game provides easy controls and good-looking graphics to players.

3. Trench Assault

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Trench Assault is based on the World War theme. Player's mission is to help the peaceful nations survive during the war by setting up a strong card deck and destroy the enemy's HQ by tactically destroying their army. Trench Assault is a freeware from the Strategy & War Games subcategory, a part of the Games & Entertainment category on Google Play.

4. Moto Rider Go

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Moto Rider Go brings to players one of the most satisfying traffic exposing experience in the world. Make a race fastly to become the best new moto rider in the game. The game gives players some high-performance bikes and challenging roads and 4 various game modes.

5. PUBG Mobile

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As a frequent game player, you surely don't need any introduction about this popular game anymore. PUBG, pronounced as Pub-'G', is a Battle Royale based game, in which about 100 people parachute into a small island and try to survive in the battlefield. The game gives players the realistic graphics together with the attractive game modes.

6. Temple Run

Temple Run is among one of the most widely played running game of all time. Despite being one of the oldest games in the list this game still manages to land in the top charts almost every time. The game has easy to play controls and has exciting gameplay.

Temple Run is a 3D video game which is developed and published by Imangi Studios. The Temple Run game is an endless running game, the gameplay is over until the player collides into a large object, falls into the water or is passed by the monkeys.

7. Temple Run 2

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It is another edition of Temple Run which is based on a similar gameplay concept.

8. Hill Climb Racing

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Hill Climb Racing is a 2D driving and challenging racing game published by Fingersoft. Players can choose a lot of the vehicles and upgrade their vehicles for a better experience.

9. Bike Race Free

Bike Race Free is an interesting free 2D bike racing game where you need to get to the end of each level as fast as possible without falling off of your bike in the process.  Players have several gameplay modes like a tournament. The game also offers hundreds of bikes and stunts to the player. Bike Race is quite a simple game: just tapping the left screen to brake or speed down, and tap the right part to speed up.

10. Candy Crush Saga

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Candy Crush Saga is a free game that players have to match 3 puzzles. This video game is released by King, in which players have to match the candies in each level of various difficulties.


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