Google India Releases ‘Shopping Home’ Feature On Google Search and Google Lens

Harin - Dec 14, 2018

Google India Releases ‘Shopping Home’ Feature On Google Search and Google Lens

Google has just announced that its shopping search features have been revamped in order to provide users with a more personal experience.

Google has just made an announcement on its shopping search features improvement which will provide users with a more personal experience. Users can filter offers, prices from numerous retailers and search for their wanted products. The feature is available on “Shopping” homepage, Google’s Search shopping tab as well as style search in Google’s image recognition app, Google Lens.

According to Google’s Vice President, Surojit Chatterjee, annually, there are over 40 million Indian citizens using the Internet. And search is an essential part of their online voyage. The company hopes that this new feature will offer shoppers, from regular desktop shoppers to first-time users with basic smartphones, a more enjoyable experience in finding what they are looking for.

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With Google’s improved “Shopping” homepage, shoppers can browse through numerous different product categories as well as thousands of retailers.

Google stated that:


 Smart features including price drops and most popular products collection are added into the search engine. The shopping experience will be available as a web app for shoppers with basic smartphones and for those who don’t want to download a mobile app.

With Google Search’s “Shopping Tab”, users can search in both English and Hindi. The results will include products lists, prices, and inventory from multiple retailers.

Google Lens’ “Style Search” is a brand new visual technique to search for products like furniture, home décor and clothes by simple using the Lens app.

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Google announced that starting from today, the Merchant Centre will be available in both English and Hindi. Merchant Centre is where sellers can upload their store as well as product data for advertising. This will help them get more online traffic and increase sales.

Up until now, the Merchant Centre uses English as its primary language. Merchant Centre can also be used by retailers to upload their product details. By doing this, retailers don’t even have to pay for any advertising campaign, their products can still appear on Google.

Chatterjee continued:



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