Google Celebrates Holi Festival With A Beautiful Doodle

Harin - Mar 22, 2019

Google Celebrates Holi Festival With A Beautiful Doodle

To celebrate Holi Festival, on March 20, Google released a beautiful doodle by Chennai-based artist Chaaya Prabhat features everything that Holi stands for.

It’s Holi Festival, the colorful festival to mark the beginning of spring. On March 20, Google dedicated its doodle to join in the holiday spirit.


The doodle which was designed by Chaaya Prabhat, an artist from Chennai, featured different colors, food, music and a whole lot of happiness with every Holi-related thing.

Holi 2019 5084538337230848 2x

In the doodle we can see a girl savoring some delicacies, a royal watching the celebrations from the window of her palace, a child shooting a musician outside with her water gun, and a girl splashing her friend with a bucket full of colored water.

Blue is the dominant color in the doodle with some pink, orange, and purple in between.

The overall representation has a Rajasthani feel to it.

Holi Festival is organized to mark the beginning of spring and the end of winter. It is mostly celebrated by people living in India and Nepal.

On the day of the festival, people drench each other and smear powder color on others. And people often dance celebrating dance together to the music of musical instruments.

India Holi Colours 1600x900

Festival delicacies include lip-smacking sweets and a customary drink called bhang which is made from cannabis.

All in all, Google Doodle has been consistent with making doodles to commemorate significant days in the country.

Some of them include the doodle for India Independence Day and India’s Republic Day.

India Independence Day 2018 5949872665526272 2x
Google Doodle for India Independence Day in 2018

Indias Republic Day 2018 5861462944776192 2x
Google Doodle to celebrate India's Republic Day in 2018

To celebrate the Holi festival, Google has also brought Holi-themed video effects to Google Duo, its video calling app.

Besides Google, Snapchat and WhatsApp also offer stickers for users to create their Holi wishes to send to their friends and family.


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