Google Assistant Informs To Support 14 New Languages

Shakti - Nov 24, 2018

Google Assistant Informs To Support 14 New Languages

14 new languages are introduced by Google Assistant, including Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Kannada, Polish, Spanish, and surely for Indian users.

Google Assistant declares its technical support for 14 different languages. XDA Developers holds the list of language options for the APK file, and it confirms for this announcement. Currently, Google Assistant is providing support in 17 languages.

In 2016, Google Assistant came out along with the Pixel phone, original variant. Google introduced it internationally at the Mobile World Congress MWC last year, 2017. At MWC this year, Mountain View made an announcement, in which it claimed by the end of 2018, the Assistant will give support in 30 languages. The Google Assistant can now be equipped in most Android devices, Google wearables, Google Home speakers, and the IoT devices.

Google Assistant currently supports Hindi, French, Danish, Italian, German, as well as a dozen other languages. The updated languages of XDA Developers's list consist of new languages that for the purpose of Google in the Asian market.

The tech giant said there will be support for multi-languages on the Assistant so that individuals and families using two or more languages can comfortably communicate with it. Thanks to this new feature, the Assistant is likely to understand you much better in many languages with much fewer preventions.


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