Facebook & Google Calls This Indian College Student As India’s Best Ethical Hacker

Harin - Apr 01, 2019

Facebook & Google Calls This Indian College Student As India’s Best Ethical Hacker

Rohit Kumar, a 2nd year BCA honors student of the School of Computer Application at LPU, has been called India's best ethical hacker by Facebook & Google.

On March 30 in Singapore, Facebook, together with Google, hosted a cybersecurity conference for the best ethical hackers as well as bug bounty hunters around the world to share their tips. And an Indian student has had the honor of being invited to this exclusive gathering.


Rohit Kumar, a 2nd year honors student majoring in Computer Science at LPU (Lovely Professional University)’s School of Computer Application. The two giant tech firms had recognized his coding abilities, so they invited him to the ‘BountyCon’ which was held in two days.

Rohit belongs to a group of a few security researchers coming from the Asia-Pacific region that have been invited to the gathering. He is considered one of the most foremost ethical hackers in India. Since he was in the list of 20 bug bounty hunters contributing the most reports for the year 2018, he was admitted to the Facebook’s Hall of Fame.

Zach Turk, Facebook’s Security Program Manager, had sent him a direct invitation to take part in BountyCon. For several years, Rohit has taken home bounties from platforms like Facebook, Invision, Shopify, and Imgur.

Rohit said:


Besides his studies and coding hobby, Rohit has two startups running. One of them is Coldfox which receives investment from YCombinator, a renowned investor group.

Rohit Kumarv
Rohit Kumar

Although major tech firms have their own teams of security experts, people cannot expect them to catch and fix every error. That is why they need help from bug bounty hunters and ethical hackers. Though bug bounty programs, as well as security conventions, like BountyCon, they encourage young white hat hackers to sharpen their skill and make contributions to the digital safety of every user.


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