12 Best Bollywood Cricket Movies Cricket Fans Should Check Out

Harin - Jul 22, 2020

12 Best Bollywood Cricket Movies Cricket Fans Should Check Out

Here is a list of best Bollywood cricket movies. If you are a die-hard cricket fan, make sure to check out these movies. 

For a true cricket fan, cricket movies are a dream come true. Cricket itself is an exciting sport, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. And when it is mixed with Bollywood, the result is going to be epic. Here is a list of Bollywood cricket movies that all cricket fans should check out.

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1. Lagaan

Nothing is better than a movie about people who assemble and join hands to fight for their rights with the help of cricket. The iconic film is directed by Ashutosh Gowariker and under Aamir Khan Productions. It teaches us how amazing teamwork is. The film takes us back to a pre-independent India. A young man who is from a small village agrees to play in a match against the well-trained British.

Cricket Movies Hindi
Bollywood cricket movies: Lagaan.

2. Iqbal

Next in our list of cricket movies Hindi is Iqbal. The beautiful movie focuses on how important it is to follow your dream. Directed by Nagesh Kukunoor and produced by Subhash Ghai. Shreyas Talpade played a mute and deaf cricketer. The movie is all about the struggles that this unusual cricketer has to go through to chase his dream, with the help of a tough but encouraging coach.

Nani Cricket Movie
Bollywood cricket movies: Iqbal.

3. Kai Po Che!

An adaptation of The Three Mistakes Of My Life by Chetan Bhagat, the movie is a cool combination of cricket, religion, and politics.

Cricket Movies In Tamil
Bollywood cricket movies: Kai Po Che!

4. Patiala House

The story is about a young British Indian (Akshay Kumar). His father doesn’t support his passion for cricket. With his bowling abilities, Akki delivers a great performance of the character and impresses the audience.

Cricket Movies 2020
Bollywood cricket movies: Patiala House.

5. Dil Bole Hadippa

Dil Bole Hadippa is the first movie that has an actress play cricket onscreen. The film stars Rani Mukherjee and Shahid Kapoor. In the movie, Rani cross-dresses as a Sikh cricketer. Although the movie didn’t do well at the box office, if you are a cricket fan, it is still a must-watch.

Dil Bole Hadippa
Bollywood cricket movies: Dil Bole Hadippa.

6. Jannat

The film is about match-fixing, which is an interesting topic. The main lead is played by Emraan Hashmi. In the movie, his character is hooked on match-fixing. But he has to decide whether his true love or fast money is more important.

Bollywood cricket movies: Jannat.

7. Ferrari Ki Sawaari

In the movie, Sharman Joshi plays the role of a father. His son’s dream is to play at the Lord’s Cricket Ground. So to fulfill his dream, Rusy, the father, has a small act of dishonesty. He decides to borrow Sachin Tendulkar’s red Ferrari for a day. The emotional film focuses on a father-son relationship.

Ferrari Ki Sawaari
Bollywood cricket movies: Ferrari Ki Sawaari.

8. Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii

The plot of this movie is interesting. A 13-year-old crazy ticket fan finds the bat which was once used by Kapil Dev to score 175 in the 1983 World Cup Match. It is said to be a magical bat. And right before the main match, Zain Khan can’t find his bat.

Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii
Bollywood cricket movies: Chain Kulii Ki Main Kulii.

9. Hattrick

Released in 2007, the movie is a mix of three cricket-based plots. This is probably more suitable for cricket fans, rather than Bollywood fans. The main song of the film is Wicket Bacha featuring Gautam Bhimani and Harsha Bhogle.

Bollywood cricket movies: Hattrick.

10. Azhar

The biopic tells the life of Mohammad Azharuddin. The protagonist is played by Emran Hashmi. The movie looks potential and promising. Fans of the sport certainly have high hopes for this movie.

Bollywood cricket movies: Azhar.

11. World Cupp 2011

Ravi Kapoor plays Ravi Indulkar, the Indian cricket team’s captain who receives money from a bookmaker to purposely lose against Pakistan in the World Cup Final 2007. Ravi, along with his entire team, is banned from playing the game for four years. Everybody turns their backs on them, even their families and loved ones.

World Cupp 2011
Bollywood cricket movies: World Cupp 2011.

Just before the World Cup of 2011, India loses to Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. And Ravi persuades the coach and the selection committee to bring back the entire team.

12. Meerabai Not Out

Meera Achrekar played by Mandira Bedi is a school teacher living in a Shivaji Park Chawl with her brother Manoj played by Mahesh Manjrekar. She is also a diehard fan of the sport. She is so obsessed that she even shows up late for her wedding with Dr. Arjun Awasthi played by Eijaz Khan. And because of this, her father-in-law Dr. Awasthi becomes furious.

Meerabai Not Out
Bollywood cricket movies: Meerabai Not Out.

The climax of the movie is when Dr. Awasthi is in a quiz contest’s final round. He is forced to ask Meera the names of the batsmen that Kumble dismissed during his 10 for 74.

That concludes our list of best cricket games movies. If you are a die-hard cricket fan, make sure to check out these movies.

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