List Of Chinese App Alternative To Replace Banned Apps

Harin - Jul 29, 2020

List Of Chinese App Alternative To Replace Banned Apps

After the Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese apps, if you want to look for an alternative, here is a list of Chinese app alternative.

Recently, the Indian government decided to ban 59 Chinese apps, declaring they were a threat to Indian users’ privacy. The government also added that this move would protect Indian cyberspace’s sovereignty. For years, security experts have warned people not to use Chinese apps because of their immense privacy risk. Both Apple and Google have complied with the order from the Indian government and removed the apps from their app marketplace. So if you want to look for an alternative to a Chinese app, here is a list of Chinese app alternative.

1. Triller to replace TikTok / Kwai / Likee / Vmate / Vigo)

For many TikTok users, privacy has long been a major concern. Just recently, the FTC was urged to investigate TikTok after it failed to remove videos taken by children under 13, violating their 2018 agreement. The advocacy group also alleged that TikTok didn’t protect minors’ privacy. TikTok has also been accused of sharing its user data with China. Kwai and Likee are also known for having inappropriate content.

59 Chinese App Alternative List
Chinese App Alternative: Triller.

So, if you want to be safe, you can switch to using Triller. It is a social video platform developed by a California-based company. Similar to TikTok, the app allows you to create professional-looking videos and then share them. You can lip-sync, create amazing music videos, and take up challenges. Many celebrities also use the platform including Justin Bieber, Kevin Hart, Rita Ora, and more. The app has over 100 filters as well as an AI-based algorithm for video-editing.

And just like TikTok, you can access top trending tracks with Triller. If you love TikTok’s Duet feature, Triller also has group videos with which you can collaborate with other users on the Internet.

2. Adobe Scan to replace CamScanner

CamScanner, developed by Chinese company INTSIG, is a popular document scanning app. Last year, after Kaspersky discovered inside the app a Trojan Horse module, Google removed it from the Play Store.

Alternative Non Chinese App For Camscanner
Chinese App Alternative: Adobe Scan.

The app returned to the Play Store after removing the malicious code. If you want to protect your smartphone from such malicious incidents, go for a better and more secure non Chinese app for CamScanner, use Adobe Scan or Microsoft Office Lens.

You won’t be disappointed. Just like CamScanner, these apps offer crisp scanning with many advanced features.

3. WhatsApp to replace WeChat

WeChat is an extremely popular Chinese app. Over the years, the app has evolved, allowing users to make calls, shop, pay, and more. The app is also popular outside of China with millions of daily users. It is no secret that the app is heavily monitored by the Chinese government to censor anything harmful. WeChat has servers in China, so it is easy for the Chinese government to access them.

Indian App Alternative For Chinese Apps
Chinese App Alternative: WeChat.

To replace WeChat, use WhatsApp instead. If you don’t like WhatsApp, try another secure chatting app called Signal.

Signal has advanced end-to-end encryption to protect your calls and messages. No one can listen to your calls or read your messages, even Signal staff.

4. ProtonVPN to replace TurboVPN

TurboVPN is a popular free VPN app that is known for its no data limit and no speed restriction. It is run by Singapore-based Innovative Connecting. However, if you take a closer look, the company behind the app has some connections with China.

Chinese App Alternative: ProtonVPN.

If you want an alternative to replacing this Chinese VPN app, try Proton VPN. It is also a free VPN that doesn’t have any data limit with a diversity of VPN servers across the globe. While there is still a data speed restriction, the app still performs quite well.

As its headquarter is in Switzerland, when using the app, you are protected by the strong privacy laws of the EU.

5. KineMaster to replace VivaVideo

Many people use VivaVideo for editing videos. However, you shouldn’t use another app if you want to protect your privacy. VPN Pro once stated that VivaVideo requested too many permissions compared to other video editing apps.

Chinese App Alternative: KineMaster.

In fact, back in 2017, the app was blocked by the Indian government for spying on Indian users. If you want a simple and quick video editor, try Quick. But if you want a full-fledged video editor, try KineMaster for Android users and LumaFusion for iOS users. Both offer extensive features, allowing you to edit your videos depending on your preferences.

6. Candy Camera to replace BeautyPlus Alternative

The fact that the app is from a Chinese developer, allowing it to access your private photos isn’t a good thing. An alternative to this app is Candy Camera, one of the best apps for selfies out there. You have all the features like beautifying filters, whitening effects, slimming effects, makeup filters including blush, mascara, eyeliner, lipstick, and more.

Candy Camera
Chinese App Alternative: Candy Camera.

That concludes our list of Chinese alternative app that you can try out. With these apps, you won't have to worry about any privacy risk while still having the same functions and features as the banned Chinese apps.

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