Chinese App Detector: Best Tools To Detect And Remove Chinese Apps

Dhir Acharya - Jul 28, 2020

Chinese App Detector: Best Tools To Detect And Remove Chinese Apps

Chinese app detector: If you love India and want to boycott Chinese apps, you need to know which app is from China. These tools will help you.

Right now, the Indian government is taking steps against China and its government’s attempts to snoop on India, including banning Chinese apps that pose threats to national security. The list of the banned apps has expanded from TikTok to over 90 other apps. If you support this move and want to boycott Chinese apps too, you need to know what apps on your phone are from China. To make it happen, you need a Chinese app detector, which we will help you in this post.

Chinese App Detector
Chinese App Detector

Chinese app detector founder

We will introduce to you three apps, all of which were tested with some of the most popular Chinese applications including PUBG Mobile, TikTok, InShot, US Browser, and CamScanner.

Chinese App Detector

This Chinese app detector app is developed by RRR Apps and is currently available on the Google Play Store for Android users. The app comes with a description that says: “Caution: I am an Indian individual from Rajkot and I have developed this application for knowledge purpose.

This is currently the most widely used app for detecting and removing Chinese apps. But out of those five apps, it failed to detect InShot.

Chinese App Detector
Chinese App Detector

China Apps Scanner

The next Chinese app detector made in India we want to introduce on this list is the China Apps Scanner, published by Zeal Mobiles. This app is also available for Android users, you can download and install it for free from the Google Play Store.

This app was able to detect all of the five Chinese apps tested.

Detect Chinese Apps

When opening the app, you will see the slogan “Made in India.” This Chinese app detector app download available on the Play Store for Android users. However, it could detect only three out of the five Chinese apps tested on this list.

All the three apps on this Chinese app detector online list also give you the option to remove the apps that they manage to find.

Chinese App Detector
List of 59 apps already banned in India

59 Chinese apps banned, 250 more on the radar

A month ago, the Indian government issued a national ban on 59 Chinese apps, including TikTok at the top of the list. The other 58 apps include some of the worldwide popular ones such as Weibo, WeChat, UC Browser, and Clean Master.

Yesterday, the Indian government went on to ban another 47 apps that turn out to be the clones of the 59 previously banned Chinese applications. In addition to that, the government has prepared a list of more than 250 China-origin apps, including those linked to Alibaba and PUBG Mobile.

Chinese App Detector
PUBG Mobile, the most popular games in India, is also under scrutiny and could be banned too

India has banned Chinese apps while scrutinizing others because of the security concerns they pose due to having a close relation to the Chinese government and the CPC. For example, TikTok is suspected to hand over user data to the CPC for malicious purposes, and the app has over 200 million users in India. The video-sharing app was previously very popular and loved by Indian users.

Not just TikTok, PUBG Mobile, the most popular game in the country, is also facing the risk of a national ban as it’s developed by Tencent, a Chinese giant company.

The tension between India and China

The two countries share a 3,440-kilometer border and have overlapping territorial claims. Over the past 40 years, their border patrols have engaged in occasional scuffles but they insist no use of firearms in those small fights.

Chinese App Detector
At least 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a fight along the Himalayan border in May 2020

However, in May 2020, the situation changed and the tension escalated quickly. It started with thousands of Chinese troops forcing their way into Galwan valley, Ladakh, which is inside the disputed Kashmir region.

According to reports, Chinese forces set up tents and dug trenches, as well as moving heavy equipment into India’s territory by several kilometers. This happened after India built a hundred-kilometer road that connects to a high-altitude airbase reactivated back in 2008.

Soldiers from both sides fought at least twice in Ladakh. The most serious incident took place when 20 Indian soldiers were killed when clashing with Chinese forces in the Himalayan border. The death of those soldiers resulted in a raging wave in India with a lot of people calling for a boycott on Chinese products.

Chinese App Detector
People in India have been calling for a boycott on Chinese products

The call for boycott started with smartphones and household appliances made in China. And in recent weeks, the rage has turned to Chinese apps after TikTok was accused of serving for the Chinese government’s malicious intentions through the collection of user data. The Indian government is examining 250 Chinese apps after banning 59 applications of Chinese developers. With the new wave, Indians are using Chinese app detector tools to find made-in-China apps and to remove them.

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