Need To Find A Cell Phone Store In India? Here Is How

Harin - Oct 13, 2020

Need To Find A Cell Phone Store In India? Here Is How

Buying a brand new smartphone sometimes can be a difficult task as you are surrounded by endless options. Here is how you can find a cell phone store.

You are living in India and you need to find a cell phone store near you? Buying a brand new smartphone sometimes can be a difficult task as you are surrounded by endless options in terms of features, specifications, and prices. Don’t worry as we are here to help.

The good news is that living in India means you won’t have to worry about lock devices and network carrier contracts, making it much easier to decide where to shop. On the other hand, depending on the shop that you choose, there might be a difference in prices. Which are the best cell phone stores in India? Let’s take a look.

E-commerce stores

Amazon India

A few years ago, Amazon started venturing into the Indian market. And it took the company quite some time to build its reputation. However, until now, the company has become extremely popular. It offers buyers all their delivery needs. When it comes to purchasing a smartphone online, Amazon India is surely one of the best options.

Cell Phone Stores Near Me
Cell phone store: Amazon India is surely one of the best options.

Amazon offers a lot of exclusive devices like the Honor view 20, OnePlus 6T, Nokia 8.1, and many more. Throughout the year, there are numerous sales available where you can grab a hefty discount, exchange deals, credit, and debit card EMI offers.


Flipkart began its journey as an e-commerce site as an online bookstore back in 2007. Through continuous expansion and various acquisitions, it has become one of the Indian buyers’ go-to online stores for everything, from shoes, clothes, books to electronics, furniture, and a lot more.

Best Cell Phone Stores India
Cell phone store: Flipkart has become one of the Indian buyers’ go-to online stores.

If you want to buy a new smartphone, Flipkart is one of the leading options. There are a lot of options, from flagship to budget-friendly devices. There are some phones that are only available on Flipkart, for example, the Pixel 4, Pixel 3 XL, and Xiaomi phones.

On the platform, you can look for many great deals, like credit and debit card EMI offers, exchange offers, flat discounts, buyback deals, cashback offers, and more. During the year, Flipkart organizes its Big Billion Day sale several times along with other sales during the festival period. That is when you can eye massive discounts.

Flipkart or Amazon India

For exclusive smartphones, it is fairly easy to decide which platform to go with. For example, you want to buy the Pixel 3, it is only available on Flipkart. Meanwhile, devices such as the Huawei P30 Pro can only be found on Amazon.

What Cell Phone Stores Are Open
Cell phone store: Flipkart vs Amazon India.

If a phone is seld on both platforms, you can make your choice by considering the delivery times or the price. If you are a Flipkart First subscriber or an Amazon Prime member, you can have a free delivery option as well as early access to available deals.

When will cell phone stores reopen? As you already know, during the national lockdown, both Flipkart and Amazon India are only allowed to deliver essential items. However, after the Indian government decided to ease the lockdown, the operation has gone back to normal for both platforms.

OEM stores

While most OEMs upload their devices on e-commerce sites like Amazon and Flipkart, some also have their own physical and online stores.

Xiaomi Stores India
Cell phone store.

If you already eye a specific smartphone and want to have some hands-on experience, search for a Store Locator on the brand’s official website. You can see all physical stores as well as authorized retailers that are available in your area.

Keep in mind that buying a smartphone online can be cheaper as there might be special offers or discounts available.

Authorized retailers

If you don’t know which smartphone to get, you can visit a physical mobile store to have a look at different options. You can find smartphones from different brands at most of these stores. There are also many budget-friendly smartphones that are offline exclusives, meaning you can only get them at one of these stores.

Every city will have its own well-known mobile store chains. For example, besides Reliance Digital and Croma Electronics, for people living in Bangalore, Poorvika Mobiles and Sangeetha Mobiles are some of the most reliable stores.

Reliance Jio

Reliance Jio offers many smartphones, from the greatest flagships to affordable devices. Unfortunately, you will have to pay the full price since there are no installment plans.

However, the company still offers data and voice plans. For example, when purchasing one of the smartphones in the Samsung Galaxy S10 series, you can have unlimited calls and texts, and 1.4TB of data for two years.


Just like Reliance Jio, Airtel has a diverse portfolio of available devices. There is a 12 or 24-month installment plan available.

We hope that all the information that we provide above can help you find a cell phone store based on your preferences.

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